[Finished] Saturday Night’s Alright (For Flying) @ EHAM - 040430ZMAR18

Server: Training

Region: Well, it’s definitely not mars

Airport: EHAM

Time: 0430Z (CST -10:30PM, March 3rd)

NOTAM: Join Tailwinds Flying Club this Saturday and fly anywhere you want! Just sign up for a gate, spawn in and fly out!

Gates: We will be using Gates from Concorses G and H.


Gate G2: @DiamondGaming4 B772/KIAH
Gate G3: @anon57683537 B789/KIAH
Gate G4: @Goran12 (B7772)V(DC10)/KIAH
Gate G5:
Gate G6:
Gate G7:
Gate G8:
Gate G9 (A380 only):
Gate G71:
Gate G73:
Gate G76:
Gate G79:


Gate H1: @Kevin_Potthast B767/EGLL
Gate H2: @Daniel14 B737/EGLL
Gate H3: @Alex_McLean A320/EGLL
Gate H4: @Oli_H 717/LEPA
Gate H5:
Gate H6:
Gate H7:

More Gates will be added if necessary

When signing up please specify your aircraft and destination

This Event is Hosted By
Tailwinds Flying Club

Who We Are
We are a group of enthusiastic people who understand the modern day constraints of school and work.

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Official Thread


Sign me up,
Speedbird 145 Heavy bound for Heathrow. (B767)


I will join you but in the KLM 737

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You have a gate! See you there!

Sounds great.
PS: Sorry I couldn’t make Saturday Night Patterns last night.

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I’ll join. I’ll take a KLM md11, where should I fly?

I’ll put you down for a gate and you can decide later if you’d like

I want to fly somewhere in Asia or south America

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Does the plane have to be KLM?

I signed up for a BA 767 so I don’t think so.

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No. It does not have to be KLM. Would you like a gate?

Yes I would like a gate, put me on standby until I get a route and plane

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Copy that. I put you down for standby

I’ll fly to LHR as well, in the A320

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Awesome! See you there!

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Wish i could come but it 0430am and i dont feel like an early morning! Good luck and i will see you all next time!

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Not a problem mate. Hope to see you at another one of our events!

🎶Saturday nights alright for flying, get a little action in…🎶

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I was hoping someone would pick up on that 😂

This is late Sunday for me

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