[FINISHED] Saturday Night Patterns @ MROC - 280300ZJAN18

Ok. No worries, just wanted to make sure. 👍

Not used to terrain suddenly appearing.

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That’s why I made this week’s a little different. :)

Cbro can you record my butter on a bread?

IF Crash, standby…

Roger that cbro…

Somone record my butter on a bread.

You call that butter? 😂😂😂

I was so focused on lining up with the runway I think I forgot my gear lol

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lol. You just disappeared, and I wondered what happened.

Next Landing it will be butter on bread.

I was coming in for a smooth landing and then suddenly I crashed. The only explanation has to be no gear.


@WardellStephenCurry please stop spamming the thread.

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I really wish I could join you guys but I have to sleep soon :( have fun everybody!

I crashed the plane.

5 km out huge crosswind

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@Kate_Russell, you and @Trio have very similar callsigns. I think I told him to disregard instead of you, earlier.


Thanks for coming out everyone! Timelapse coming soon. (I think this will be a normal thing).

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That is fine, Thanks for the controlling. At least I got a soft landing as my last landing.

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Thank you for coming! Join our team today. We accept ATC, pilots, event planners and members of the IFATC.

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Edit: We want your feedback! In this case @Cbro4 does.