[FINISHED] Saturday Night Patterns @ KILN - 140300ZJAN18

Just thought I would mention this, since some people liked the post but haven’t said anything.

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Can I join I think it looks fun.

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Sure. As long as you can do a pattern and follow ATC instrution, you can join. Simple as that :)

Sign me up please, callsign will be SIMSY and I will be in a 737 BBJ

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A little over three hours until SNP begins! Can’t wait to see everyone there!


30 minutes away from SNP. Hoping for a good turnout for the first one!

NOTAM: Spawn in at 0300Z…

I will be there definitely

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I will be there also :D

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I am ready! I am really excited.

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Why does it say 14 but it is today?

Glad everyone is excited. I’m listening to some music, and prepping for the pattern work.

It is January 14 in UTC.

Oh I am EST time zone.

Is it too late to join?

Nope. I’ll put you down.

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Thanks, I need more landings lol

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Exactly why we did this. Help in ATC knowledge and help people with landing practice.


That’s awesome, My grade 4 will turn into 3 if I don’t do patterns

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NOTAM: Expect RWY 22R and 22L for patterns. Also, @AllegiantAir and @Trio will be doing a flyover at 2,500.

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Any type of plane for this?