[FINISHED] Saturday Night Patterns @ KILN - 140300ZJAN18

Hey everyone! I think we have all heard of Friday Night Flights, but I had an idea for Saturday nights. What if we did patterns (touch-and-goes) at an airport for an hour each Saturday? When I did a test run with some friends, they thought it was really fun.

So, I have decided to bring the idea to the forums. Every Saturday night, someone (could be more than one person) from my slack channel will control the airport, while the rest do touch-and-goes.

The first airport will be KILN, in the Midwest US. Wilmington Air-park has 2 parallel runways, perfect for two patterns at once. Hope to see you there!

Server: Training

Region: Midwest, US

Airport: KILN

Time: January 14th, 0300Z

NOTAM: ATC will be open from 0300Z to 0400Z. Feel free to stop by and do some touch-and-goes. Also, please let me know if you plan on attending.


  1. @Trio
  2. @SF34
  3. @AllegiantAir
  4. @Davidberman
  5. @Douglas_Chanley
  6. @Kate_Russell
  7. @WardellStephenCurry
  8. @Jacob_Sim
  9. @Cpt.TC
  10. @Wyatt_Eckhart
  11. @Ashton_Liberty

This event is sponsored by the ATC Event Group*


I will definetly be there! 👌
Edit: If you can’t get on expert, this is great if you want to learn from a controller who knows what they are doing!

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I will be sure to attend!

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Ok. I’ll be controlling. Hopefully some other decide to join in, too. @Trio @SF34

I am gonna come, need to get my landings up lol

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Alright @AllegiantAir. Feel free to stop on my tomorrow at 9:00pm CST.

Please put me on the list I’ll be attending.

Username: davidberman

Call sign: EKDB

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I’ll be there DEPLORABLEUS1017, had a blast with Friday night flights

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Okay! Can’t wait to see everyone there. I’m not going to assign gates (I think we are all smart enough to not spawn on top of each other). I will, however, make a list of who I have attending.

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I think your callsign will be too big, so you might want to change it.

Can’t wait to get the event goin!

It would be 10:00 PM😉

The event is 9:00pm central today. Will you be joining us?

It would be 10pm EST, 9pm CST.

Ok. We only control from 9pm-10pm CST.

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You had responded that you thought perhaps my call sign was too long, now this is my actual display name and not that which would be used by atc. I use this name presently with no issues, perhaps we only had a simple miscommunication.

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Ok. The callsign can only be 8 characters long, but as long as it’s your display name, then you should be fine.

I am sorry for the clear miscommunication on my part sir, and I look forward to joining you during the event. I atypically fly an MD-11F atypically with the FedEx, and/or Lufthansa Livery. So until we meet up on IF for the event, I bid you ado!

(Also I’m so very excited as of 2 hours ago at long last and finally, have purchased some peripherals for my Android tablet [lLogitech bluetooth keyboard and Extreme 3d pro joystick], I am STOKED to get flying using these new devices to enhance the experience overall. I also when in-game broadcast my screen to my 42 inch TV and have been primarily using entirely the Virtual-Cockpit view. So again I temporarily bid ya ado, and am at this time installing the joystick!!!)

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Nice. I have the extreme joystick and I love it. You might want a smaller plane that is easier for touch-and-goes. Anyway, I should get back on topic so they don’t close my thread.

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Yes I will use more than likely an 319,320,737, or I actually am pretty good at quick takeoff and go around in a dreamliner

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