[FINISHED] Remembering those who lost their lives in ET302 @ HAAB - 141500ZAPR19

Server: Training

Airport: HAAB(Addis Ababa Bole International Airport)

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Please fly respectfully and enjoy the event also listen to the ATC instructions/commands

Aircraft-Any Boeing 737(Generic) or any Ethiopian Airlines Aircraft (777,787,MD11F)


Hello, I’m holding an event to remember those who lost their lives in the tragic air accident of Ethiopian 302 this shouldn’t have happened in the first place and I hope you’ll come to this event and have a good time.

Gates for the event are as follows

T1 19- @J2S(Leader of the event all please copy FPL)
T1 20- @Yusif_Kimeisua
T1 21- @Ethan4
T1 22- @Airbus_737
T1 23- @FlightLegend09
T1 24- @Elliott
T1 25-
T1 26-


Ground- @CameronH21
Tower- @CameronH21
Departure- @Latvia

I hope you have a nice time and I hope that you keep the friends and families whose lives have been lost forever in your hearts

I’m Ethiopian so this really stung/dug deep and made me cry a lot

thank you for reading and please join

Also please stay after the event as we will take a group picture before and after the event

Also 19.1 may have lagged out your device so please get rid of any background apps restart your device and also get rid of any unnecessary pictures or videos just to make sure you have a hassle free event

Also I may Live Stream this event onto My YouTube Channel so you may/might be in it

But please do join and have a nice time in the event


I would like to sign up.

I will be tower ground please

Are there any specific routes?

No i meant I want ATC

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T1 21 please, is there a specific aircraft? What day?

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Ok I’ll do that but we’re going to go to the same airport they were going to go to had they not crashed

What airport were the headed to?

May I have gate 22?

Nairobi @Ethan4

I’ll take Departure😉

Also Approach at HKJK if possible

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You have HAAB departures HKJK will not have any ATC

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Sign me up! Would love to join.

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@FlightLegend09 t1 23 is yours

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I’ll take T1 24 please

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Great event

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@Elliott T1 24 is yours

Cool thanks!

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