[Finished] Recording a Time Lapse at YSCB (Expert Server)

Currently recording a Timelapse of aircraft in YSCB! Please provide your livery, call sign, aircraft and whether or not your are taking off or landing!

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I’m N811JB

OMG This is the first one I can actually come to! I’ll be in a Jetstar A320. Callsign KYLE. I’ll be doing some touch and goes.


Okay! Hurry up!

Aww man, I didn’t get to land. But that 20 minute taxi was worth it!

Did you get me? New Zealand 55 Heavy 787-9. I landed at YSCB.

I don’t keep track of aircraft coming and going when I am recording.

Where can I find the video?

Post the video when it’s up here please! :)

Nice, IF timeplapses are pretty fun to watch.

still at YSCB?

Hope, it’s finished!

This was yesterday lol

damn that stinks

Don’t worry! I do a lot of these!

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Sorry for that long taxi. I had to use hold position and give way a lot with those two crossings. I managed to slip you over in the end.

lol it’s fine ;)

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