[Finished] Real Communication via Discord@ WSSS 141900ZSEP19

Hello community!
This will be my second discord event, so we will be going bigger and better! This event will have real live communications with atc and pilots through discord. This will be as follows: “Speedbird 475 ready to taxi” “Speedbird 475 taxi to runway 28L tower will be on .8” “taxi to runway 28L, tower on .8 for Speedbird 475” There will be three discord servers which include clearance, ground, and tower, and departure. There will be 40 gates with 4 waves so the frequencies are not clogged. I am also looking for 3 knowledgeable atc controllers who control in real life or are real-life pilots.
(All pilots are encouraged to use Singapore airlines but are not required to)
Please respond with gate number, airline, flight number, route, and filed final flight altitude when joining the event (this is for clearance)
(Commercial planes only)
Date: 2019-09-14T19:00:00Z
Server: Training

Wave 01

T3 Gate A21: @haitianpilot44
T3 Gate A20: @tinytinnytin
T3 Gate A19: @Ben2610
T3 Gate A18: @November-Kilo16
T3 Gate A17: @Polski 3
T3 Gate A16: @Abudy
T3 Gate A15: @Takahashi
T3 Gate A14: @KGJT-9149
T3 Gate A13: @iBalisticAlex
T3 Gate A12: @Alejandro_Castaneda

Wave 02

T2 Gate F60: @JackAviation
T2 Gate F59: @marco-legend
T2 Gate F58: @daan0411
T2 Gate F56
T2 Gate F54
T2 Gate F52
T2 Gate F50
T2 Gate F30
T2 Gate F31
T2 Gate F32

Wave 03

T3 Gate B1:
T3 Gate B2
T3 Gate B3
T3 Gate B4: @QVG-Crunch
T3 Gate B5
T3 Gate B6
T3 Gate B7
T3 Gate B8
T3 Gate B9
T3 Gate B10

Wave 04

T2 Gate E20
T2 Gate E22: @mogbog
T2 Gate E24L
T2 Gate E24
T2 Gate E26
T2 Gate E28
T1 Gate D40
T1 Gate D41
T1 Gate D42
T1 Gate D44:

Clearance: @KennedyTurner
Ground: @Ecoops123
Tower: @Beast_Assassin
Departure: @KennedyTurner
Standby for ATC: @Infinite_Qantas @Nicholas_Henry
Notam: You must have a discord account to join this event. The discord link will be sent via pm one day before the event

How do you rate my event? Feedback is appreciated!

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ig i’ll take the first gate

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Got it! please airline, flight number, route, and filed final flight altitude

oh u dnt have to tell me twice lol

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You should post the date and time on the forum itself. Can’t join because of Saturday

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do you understand that you have to respond to the thread with your airline, flight number, route, and filed final flight altitude right? I am trying a different way this time ;)

Forgot to do that, thanks for reminding me

Any chance you can throw the date/time like you did for your last event so the Zulu time shows up correctly for me? I will be on travel the 14th so I need to know when before I can sign up.

1pm for you

u mind if I check codeshare route with Singapore then i’ll tell u when im ready?

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Just put it in. Hope you can attend!

airline: Singapore
flight number: 802
final flight alt: FL340

@Lil_Qaz maybe 35 or 40 mins b4 departure I will msg who ever is clearance my actual route so they kno and u kno if u dnt mind…

Got it, I don’t mind at all

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great can’t wait for this hopefully many people take note of this event!

Yeah this one was kind of short notice but my third one hopefully be better (it is being worked on now) it would also help if you could spread the word to people who don’t know about this

well bro keep me informed pls and if u want I can try and get some guys from ASVA to join the event and if ur lucky Singapore VA could probably sponser this event if u ask nicely :)

I sent a pm to Singapore VA wish me good luck ; )

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They probably won’t since most va’s only sponsor events on Expert

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good luck brotha :)

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