[Finished] Real communication via discord@ KSAN 071700ZSEP19

Hello everyone! I have an idea to make real live communications with atc and pilots through discord. This will be as follows: “Speedbird 475 ready to taxi” “Speedbird 475 taxi to runway 28L tower will be on .8” “taxi to runway 28L, tower on .8 for Speedbird 475” we are hoping to make three discord servers which include clearance, ground and tower. There will be a limited number of gates so the frequencies are not clogged. I am also looking for a knowledgeable atc controller who controls in real life, or a real life pilot.
All commercial aircraft will be accepted regardless of livery.

Gate 2: @Pilot_FMS
Gate 3: @Abudy
Gate 4: @Ben2610
Gate 5: @haitianpilot44
Gate 6: @NBSYT
Gate 7: @Connor4477
Gate 8: @tinytinnytin
Gate 9: @Captain_Infinite
Gate 10: @N2628P
Standby for atc: @Aceorbit
Standby for gates: @ActnJaksn239 @Ecoops123 @AarkonTV
Ground: @Aceorbit
tower: @KousukeAviation
Server: Training

Airport: KSAN

Time: 2019-09-07T17:00:00Z

Notam: you can only join if you have access to discord ( if you are using discord is being run as the same device used for infinite flight, it will still work. It could be more difficult.)


could I have gate 5 please? this event sounds cool

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You got it thanks for joining!

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I don’t know how event titles work either:D

I will help you with the title:

@ KSAN (Correct)

Zulu Time: 1700Z

Date: 7th of September.

Correct title: @ KSAN 071700Z SEP19

This sounds awesome - could I grab a gate please?

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I can be ATC:)

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Sure I’ll put you at gate 4 : )

Thank you very much

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Do you have any experience in real ice or are you a real life pilot?

Umm no unfortunately

But I do plan on either being an ATC or pilot in the future:D


Ok are you a member of ifatc or TSATC?

I’m in the TSATC recruiting process

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I am going to assign you to ground because I think I am going to get an irl pilot to do tower. If he cannot, I’ll put you in tower (assuming you prefer tower over ground)

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Yes ok, thanks. But if you can’t get me in tower I’ll just take a gate:)

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Ok I’ll have you at a gate for now ; )

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Thank you :)

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I’d like to join please as I could record this for planespotting on my channel to feature the event with Live atc! If you could message me nearer to the date but count me in!! 👊🏻

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Reserve my gate please. I’ll join if I’m not working that day.

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