[Finished] Race across the pacific @ KSFO - 270100ZAPR20

Welcome to the worlds largest ocean the Pacific Ocean. Today we will fly across this blue giant in record time. You will fly a F-22 across the Pacific Ocean using your own flight plan you will choose where you stop to refuel. First to cross the ocean from San Francisco to Tokyo Narita will win the race. Are you up for the challenge?

B22: @Delta18
B24: @Scott_Walker
B25: @Cpt_Zorndy
B26: @Devon
B27: @Berlin_N
B28: @anon41771314
C40: @Planeboi19
C41: @Yes
C42: @TheFlyingGuy1
C43: @ThomasThePro

Server Casual

Airport KSFO to RJAA

Time 2020-04-27T01:00:00Z


This sounds like fun! How could i say no? Sign me up please!

Alright your in for gate B23, see you there!

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Awesome thanks!

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What happens when you win? 😏

I don’t know any ideas?

Sign me up!

Get your seatbelts ready because sh*ts about to get real


Ok your in

How long will it be approx? I might be able to join!

Depends on your planned route and speed I haven’t tested but I would say 4 hours at most not sure though.

That would be 22:00 landing for me, a bit late, maybe next time!

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Sign Me up!

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Your in gate B-25

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Just a head’s up, the title says May 26th but the time in the thread is tomorrow (April 26th).

Sounds like a fun idea, have fun!

Thanks I’ll change that

Sounds good sign me up

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Welcome to the community I got you for gate B26

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It looks very interesting, I sign up!

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Ok your gate b27