[FINISHED] R:Russia - Saint Petersburg (massive flyout) @ ULLI - 261700ZAPR20

Hello, can I have WizzAir A321 to Bucharest please?

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Yep, duplicated the flight to stand A155B for you. Let me know if you would like A320 instead of A321

Sure, no problem.

A320 Wizz Air to Bucharest - Stand A155B

Thank you.

Ok, changed the plane to A320

Hello! Could I please have the Korean Air Cargo to ESGG?

Alright, we got some cargo action going on here! Yours now.

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Thank you so much!

By the way I’m hosting my first event on May 9th in case you’d like to check it out.

I look forward to seeing you at ULLI!

Sorry, I’ve mistaken wizz air flight for korean air cargo. There isn’t such a flight, but maybe you would enjoy korean air cargo to Goteborg? There are amazing views there if you are coming from the west

That’s what I requested, no?

A701 - Korean Air Cargo - B777F to ESGG

My bad, lack of sleep is really getting on me. Mistaken it for London Stansted, will write you in to Goteborg

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Thank you my friend!

Sign up me please 😉 I would like to have a pleasant flight in 🇷🇺 Russia!

Ок записал тебя

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Спасибо 😁

I’ll send here photos tomorrow.

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Can i have to ZWWW Urumqi😶😶

Alright, we’ve just got the first reserved long haul here


Will fly S7 to Yaroslavl

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@Alexander_Nikitin I may be 10 minutes late for the event :/

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No problem, you would have been delayed anyways because of pushback queues for Wizz Air row (I mean, 7 planes close to each other make for great pictures, but not for fast pushback)

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Haha, alright!

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