[FINISHED] R:Russia - Saint Petersburg (massive flyout) @ ULLI - 261700ZAPR20

Hello, I know that you’ve organized events sponsored by Wizz, but you write in your profile that you are not part of any virtual airline. Has that changed since you’ve made your bio?

No, it hasn’t. I just really like Wizzair and my hometown, Sofia, that’s why I chose this route :)

The reason I asked Wizz VA to partner my Sofia event is because Wizzair has the most routes out of Sofia (and because I like the airline). Regarding the other event you might have seen I have created, I didn’t communicate with Wizz VA’s CEO for that one, another person from the organizers of the event did. I believe the reason was the same.

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Oh, ok. You see, up to 1 hour before the event registration for Wizz Air flights is open only for it’s pilots. There is, howvere, 1 free parking space in the Wizz Air line, and it will become available 1 hour before the event for duplication of one of their flights. I can notify you about it if you wish.

But if you want the terrain of Sofia, give Zurich a try - especially approaches to runaways 14 and 16

I’ll take this puppy down to Frankfurt. Looking to be fun :)

Ok, got it safe and sound for you to fly

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Can I have this, please?

Also, I’d love to see @AviatorAlex in the Wizz line. ;)

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Well how can i say no to the CEO? Ok, you guys are in the line


Not sure… Nicely? 😂

Thanks for the gates and the amazing event! I really can’t wait to see us all there! 😊


Thank you, mate! And thanks to @Jeno_Farkas too!


take me off. I can’t do it

Ok, thanks for notifying

Hi I am in Wizz virtual, I will be flying in from luton getting in at 16.45Z, and then departing to LZIB please

Ok, it is yours now

This one please!

Ok, that one is yours

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Corrections to the flight schedule to accommodate 2 more Wizz air flights are soon to be made, UtAir to Vnukovo will probably be canceled

Changes to the schedule:

Vueling to Alicante
A155A -> A150A
UtAir to Moscow Vnukovo
Wizz Air flights
Gates A155(A,B) available for duplication of existing flights

Can I get gate A151 to UBBB

Yep, it is yours now

Added visualized route map for easier overview of the available routes