[Finished] QVirtual Presents "Operation Bris-Vegas" Fly-Out @ YBBN - 090230ZFEB19

Cheers qantas virtual

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Nice,I’ll be there

@FlyFamingo, sure. Where are you heading?

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Can I please have gate 25 I will have the dash 8 to Melbourne

And my airline will be quantas link

Hi @Mtw57, Qantaslink don’t operate this route. You can either choose the Qantas 737 or the Jetstar A320 :)

That or you could choose one of the destinations that they do fly the Dash 8 too, (e.g Longreach) - see the destinations above

I’m so sorry I was reading it wrong I’ll fly to rockhampton

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I’ve put you down as Gate 6 - see you there!

Ok thank you

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Ill be ATC

@JMac See here

My airline and aircraft will be a 737-800 Qantas and I will be heading to YSSY Sydney

Sure @FlyFamingo you have Gate 20

May I have Gate 21 Qantas 737 to Darwin?

Sure @JosephKong - you have Gate 21

Hello due to my work schedule I will not be able to participate in this event sorry for my inconvenience

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Still plenty of time to sign up for the event tomorrow!

Reserve your spot!

I hope I’m not too late to reserve gate 22! I’ll be heading to Sydney in a Qantas 737-800.

Of course not @8SmartFlying - you have Gate 22 :)

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Not long until our event now!


Last chance to reserve your spot…