[FINISHED!] Queen Tamar Landing Competition! @UGMS - 201600ZAUG19

The UGMS Landing Competition

Server: Expert

Airport: UGMS

Aircraft: Daher TBM-930

Time: 1600Z 2019-08-20T16:00:00Z

NOTAM: Limited Space Available. During the event, please put Your display name as Your IFC username. More information on the pattern work will be provided in PM. You will be judged based on Smoothness, Centerline and Touchdown point.

Attendant Gate Callsign
@ButterMachine GA01 BUTT3R
@Butter_Boi GA02 LLL001
@PlaneGeek GA03 Show-me 1
@anon24319801 (two entries) GA04 JAT001
@Abudy GA05 -

Information About The Airport

Queen Tamar Airport (თამარ მეფის აეროპორტი) is based in the Caucasus, in the North of Georgia. It started its’ operations in 2010, when only 45 people traveled to and from the privately owned airport. Nowadays, the airport gets on average 5000 people a year. It is served by Vanilla Sky Airlines, which operates flights to UGMS from Kutaisi and Natakhtari. This airport is special, because of scenery around it, where we will attempt a challenging approach and pattern at Runway 21. Yes - we are landing from the mountainside. There will be a lot of tight turns, challenging ascent and descent, furthermore making the competition challenging!


Attendant Touchdown Point Centerline Smoothness Total
@PlaneGeek 9 8 10 27
@Butter_Boi 8 8 9 25
@Abudy 7 7 10 24
@ButterMachine 5 7 10 22

Umm what is the TBD server?

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It is going To Be Defined, when I am sure if we should do it on Expert, Training or Casual.

Oh ok then
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If it’s on the training server I’d be honored to be ATC

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I shall inform You as soon as possible :)

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I would have loved to attend but I’m busy at that time. Hope everyone butters/greases though!


I’ll come!

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Alright, BUTT3R?

Of course!

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When will everyone be practicing? I may in like 10 min.

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I think I’ll be able to come, put me on standby, callsign LLL001

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@Butter_Boi, do you want to practice with me? I’ll be open to in a few hours.

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I’ve sent an official PM, You can discuss practice over there. :)

@Butter_Boi added!

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I’ll take any gate!

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I’d come but if it was with Dash 8’s.

What will be Your callsign?

You know what, sign me up my friend for stand-by! This is the last day of my sub so why not end it on a high note?

Is there anyway I could use a Dash 8 @Ignas04?

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Callsign will be as usual, JAT001 ;)

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Why do You want to use a Dash-8 so badly?

What’s wrong with the TBM?