[Finished] Qantas Virtual Presents: A380 Anniversary Fly-Out @ YSSY - 150100ZSEP18


image 10 Years of the Qantas A380!

In September 2008, Qantas recieved its first Airbus A380. To celebrate the decade of flying done by the A380, we will be hosting a fly out event at YSSY using the A380.

image Flight Information

Server: Training Server

Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport [YSSY]

Time: Saturday, September 15, 2018 1:00 AM
(01:00 ZULU)

Aircraft: Airbus A380
Livery: Qantas Livery

image NOTAM:

  • Celebrate a decade of the A380 with us by attending a fly-out event at Sydney!

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!

image Destinations

Below are some recommended destinations.

Destination Flight Time Flight Number
NZAA 3h 5min QAC5380*
VHHH 9h 30min QFA127
KLAX 13h 45min QFA11
KDFW 15h 30min QFA7
8h 30min
13h 40min

* Not a real world flight - added for those with time constraints

image Gates

Gate Pilot Destination
Cargo 1-05 @Josh WSSS-EGLL
Cargo 1-02 @Helicopterzzz NZAA
Cargo 1-04 @Felipe_Barreto NZAA
Gate 1-08 @Luke_M WSSS-EGLL
Gate 1-09 @Sam_T KDFW
Gate 1-24 @CameronH21 KDFW
Gate 1-25 @Sammy_Droubi KDFW
Gate 1-30 @esant_15 NZAA
Gate 1-33 @Zaco571 WSSS-EGLL
Gate 1-34 @fight181 VHHH
Gate 1-37 @Oli_H WSSS-EGLL
Gate 1-51 @ADDY28 WSSS-EGLL
Gate 1-55 @SebMasterMC
Gate 1-56 @Angelo KDFW
Gate 1-58 @DiamondGaming4 KDFW
Gate 1-60 @Plnelovr KDFW
Gate 1-61 @WesleyHenrich KDFW
Gate 1-71 @QFA_12 KDFW
Gate 1-73 @Qatari2007YT VHHH
Gate 1-75 @Amaar_Viqar VHHH
Gate 1-77 @Ben_Murtagh1 WSSS-EGLL
Gate 2-83 @Michel_Bourgeois WSSS-EGLL
Gate 2-85 @Shrek1 KDFW
Gate 2-10 @jasperye03 KDFW
Gate 2-11 @TheHummus KDFW
Gate 2-13 @Tylar_Matsuo KDFW
Gate 2-16 @Kevan_H KDFW

More gates available if needed.

This event is hosted by Qantas Virtual Group
Become part of the Qantas Virtual adventure here


Cargo 1-04 -YSSY-NZAA?

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Sure @Felipe_Barreto see you there :)

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I’ll go Cargo 105 headed over to Dallas Fort Worth. I might have to change to Auckland but I should be able to make Dallas Fort Worth. Thanks!


Sure thing @Adam_S looking forward to it

Could I have a gate for WSSS-EGLL please?

Thanks :)

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No problem @Luke_M see you there :)

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QFA11 please

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I’ll fly to DFW, sorry about missing the last event, my body didn’t want to wake up at 11PM to fly 😂
Vios were ahead as I would have been half asleep.
8pm is MUCH friendlier for me :)
Gate to KDFW please :)

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Sure @Brent_A see you there!
No problem @Sammy_Droubi glad to hear this time will suit you better :)


Can I have a gate bound of DFW? :)

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Of course @esant_15 see you there!

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Can I please fly the YSSY-VHHH route.

No problem @fight181 see you there!

1-37, WSSS-EGLL please

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Sure thing @Oli_H looking forward to it :)

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Yo can I do YSSY-WSSS and WSSS-EGLL after that?

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Of course @ADDY28 - see you there

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It’s at 3:00 AM for me, so no thanks XD