[Finished] Qantas Virtual Presents 787 Month: Proposed Routes Fly-Out @YMML - 030300ZNOV18

image 787 Month

Not to long ago, Qantas received its 6th Boeing 787, and with the delivery of the 7th expected soon, What better way to celebrate the 787 than to have a whole month dedicated to it! Throughout the month of October, we will host a number of 787 themed events, from the testing, to the delivery, right up to the commercial services of the flight.

Other 787 Month Events

(Finished) Qantas Virtual presents 787 Month: Test Flight @ KPAE - 130730ZOCT18
[Finished] Qantas Virtual presents 787 Month: Delivery Flight @ KPAE - 200830ZOCT18
(Finished) Qantas Virtual Presents 787 Month: Fly the Roo! @YSSY - 270200ZOCT18

Our forth and final event to finish off the month is a fly-out event of Melbourne. We will be flying to all proposed destinations for the 787!
Will you be embarking with us on this 787 journey?

image Flight Information

Server: Training Server

Airport: Melbourne International Airport [YMML]

Time: Saturday, November 3, 2018 3:00 AM
(03:00 ZULU)

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Livery: Qantas Livery

image NOTAM:

  • Join us as we conduct a fly-out event in Melbourne to all proposed 787 destinations!

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for post-event photos!

  • Qantas Virtual Pilots can log this flight under QFA5790

image Destinations

Below are some recommended destinations.

Destination Flight Time
VHHH 9h 15min
KORD 16h 36min
KSFO 14h 20min
KLAX 14h 25min
KJFK 18h 4min
4h 10min


image Gates

Gate Pilot Destination
Gate D14 @Josh KJFK
Gate D02 @Sammy_Droubi KLAX
Gate D03 @Shrek1 KSFO
Gate D04 @Rob_Shore KJFK
Gate D05 @Luke_M KJFK
Gate D06 @Manga37 YPPH
Gate D07 @Chris_Hoss KJFK
Gate D08 @Cwilliams21 KJFK
Gate D09 @DaRealAziz KJFK
Gate D10 @Fathi_Firmansyah VHHH
Gate D11 @nincombop YPPH
Gate D12 @anon91707592 VHHH
Gate D13 @Don_King VHHH
Gate D15 @AviationCYY VHHH
Gate D16 @straik YPPH
Gate D17 @Charles_L YPPH
Gate D18
Gate D19
Gate D20

More gates available if needed
PM us if you would like an ATC position

This is a joint event hosted by Qantas Virtual Group and Boeing Virtual
Become part of the Qantas Virtual adventure here

Check out Boeing Virtual here


Please sign me up for a gate to KSFO.
Thank you.

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Of course @Shrek1 - where will you be flying?

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I’ll take gate D02 flying to KLAX!
Been loving this 787 month, since qantas announced they are retiring the queen in May, are guys thinking of a 747 month?



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Maybe @Sammy_Droubi… ;)

No problem @Shrek1


I got to see qantas’s 7th 787 being built


Could I please have a gate to KJFK :)


Sure thing @Luke_M - see you there :)

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Sign me up for gate do6 to ypph thanks.

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Sure @Manga37 see you there

Could I also have a gate to KJFK

Of course @Cwilliams21 - see you there :)

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend as 2pm on a Saturday is not possible. If there’s an event on Cup Day (Melbourne Cup for those not from Oz), I’d love to take part in it!

Can i joined? I’ll take to VHHH

Sure @Fathi_Firmansyah - see you there :)

Gate D11 to YPPH, QFA473 Heavy please. I’m a member of the QVG registered under the email jossfpv@gmail.com

Of course @nincombop see you there!

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Hey can sign me up if there’re still available spots, btw is there an FPL for every route? I want VHHH.

Sure @anon91707592 - flight information for each route will be published to participants on the day of departure.