[Finished} Qantas Virtual - New Zealand Takeover! @ NZAA - 190700ZJAN18

Sorry for replying a lot but why is no one at the airport and Is it on training.

Yes it is on training

You guys are a day early, @anon3820355 @Connor_Seymour @Matthew_Harrison


The Flight Plan has ben added to the original post! See you there!

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I can’t do the flight, so can I be Christchurch appr

That will be great, see you there

I’ll try to make/do it

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would love to join this event for a very first time! see you there

I’ll join in the good ol Boeing 767

Lord Aidan YouTube

45mins away until Pushback! See you there soon

10 minutes till push back, lets hope this goes well!

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8mins out! See you there

When you coming? Not many peeps are here

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I’ve already taken off

Which one are you
I’m 767

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You took off second, he was the one before you

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Ok. Just didn’t see your name on any of the planes.

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is there something wrong between Z time and AEST time?

Sorry I couldn’t come, I was asked to work extra hours

Can I be gatwick tower