[Finished} Qantas Virtual - New Zealand Takeover! @ NZAA - 190700ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: New Zealand

Airport: NZAA

Time: 0700Z (1900 AEST, 2000 NZDT)

Aircraft: Any Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar aircraft

NOTAM: Join Qantas Virtual Group to take over New Zealand Airspace! We will be departing Auckland (NZAA) and fly to either Wellington (NZWN) (Wellington route is for people who may be time restrained) or Christchurch (NZCH )(Where the main group will be heading). These are the biggest three airports in the country, with Auckland being the biggest, Christchurch second, and the capital Wellington being the smallest of the three.

NZAA uses runway 05R/23L only, so please only use this runway

QVG - NZ Takeover

There will be a flight plan provided closer to the time. Everyone will follow the same route, with the people heading on the shorter route to Wellington will split off closer to the destination.

If you would like to provide some ATC, feel free to control any of the three airports. Though we ask that you do have some experience.

Make sure to check out our website, and join us, as one of our great team of pilots! www.ifqantasvirtual.com

Here is our Flight Plan…

And here is the plan to copy straight into IF …
NZAA 3658S/17455E 3702S/17456E 3703S/17452E 3705S/17446E 3734S/17438E 3903S/17442E NZWN 4149S/17406E PEAKS BLUNT 4310S/17236E ODISI DIVSU NZCH

If you’re only flying into Wellington (NZWN) feel free to descend when you’re ready, if flying to Christchurch (NZCH), stay at cruise altitude and continue to NZCH


I’ll take NZAA airspace


I will do atc NZCH :)

Will never fly in Jetstar A320 livery ever 😬😬😬


Thanks @Connor_Seymour and @Matthew_Harrison

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I’ll fly Qantas 767-300

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Tower @Connor_Seymour
Ground @Connor_Seymour


Tower @Matthew_Harrison
Ground @Matthew_Harrison

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Seems cool, can I get a gate?

Gate’s aren’t being assigned for this event, just spawn next to others at one of the terminals.

I hope to see you there!


I will attend, flying QANTAS 787

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Awesome! see you there


I’ll be there too!! Awesome 😃😃


See you there @samuel_48!!

Can I get a gate please, Exited Cheers 🍺

Sounds cool sign me up

T-minus one hour and 45 minutes

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It is in just over half an hour

What time does it start in Melbourne.

It’s starts 7 minutes

Im heading to the airport!!!

See you in the airport