[Finished] Qantas Virtual Group Anniversary Fly-In @ YSSY - 070200ZJUL18

Qantas Virtual Group Anniversary Fly-In @ YSSY - 070200ZJUL18

Flight Details:

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport [YSSY]

Aircraft: Any Qantas Virtual Group aircraft

Time: Saturday, July 7, 2018 2:00 AM


This year, Qantas Virtual Group celebrates 6 years of serving as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline.
Come and join us for a joint celebration event at YSSY with IFAE, as we commemorate yet another successful year at Qantas Virtual Group!

Qantas Virtual Group Pilots may use their dedicated callsign (QFAXXXX), all other attendees please use an appropriate callsign

Suggested Departure Airports

Below are some recommended departure airports.
Origin Flight Time Aircraft
YMML 1 hour Jetstar A320 / Jetstar B788 / Qantas B738 / Qantas B789
YBBN 1h 30min Jetstar A320 / Qantas B738 / QantasLink B717
YPAD 2 hours Jetstar A320 / Qantas B738 / QantasLink B717
YSCB 45min QantasLink DH8D / Qantas B738 / Qatar B77W
YPPH 5 hours Qantas B738 / Jetstar A320
YBSU 1h 30 min QantasLink B717 / Jetstar A320
YBAS 3 hours Qantas B738
YAYE 3 hours Jetstar A320
YMHB 2h 30min QantasLink B717 / Qantas B738 / Jetstar A320
YSWG 1h 15min QantasLink DH8D
YCFS 1 hour QantasLink DH8D
YSDU 1 hour QantasLink DH8D
Origin Flight Time Aircraft
NZAA 3 hours Qantas B738 / Jetstar A320
NZWN 3 hours Qantas B738 / Jetstar A320
NZCH 3 hours Qantas B738 / Jetstar A320
NZQN 3 hours Qantas B738 / Jetstar A320
WADD 6hr 30 Qantas 738 / Jetstar 787
WSSS 8h 30min Qantas A380
VHHH 9h 30min Qantas B744
KLAX 13h 45min Qantas A380
KSFO 13h 30min Qantas B744
KDFW 15h 30min Qantas A380

Credits to @Panther for the information

This event is a joint event hosted by the Qantas Virtual Group and IFAE
Become part of the Qantas Virtual Group adventure here
Check out the official website of IFAE here


Looking forward to this event - congrats on 6 years

I will be flying in from NZQN in a 737 :)


Sign me up! (even though there is no need to) I guess I’ll do my first ever flight I did in real life with QantasLink which was Coffs Harbour to Sydney. I’ll see you there! Can’t wait to get flying!


I will be there and fly in from somewhere, depending on where I am


sign me up :) i will be flying from YMML. congrats in 6 years!


Can’t wait for this event tomorrow!

My plans have changed slightly - I’ll now be flying in from NZWN
For those that wish to join me I’ll be departing at 8:15AM AEST (2230 Zulu) in a Qantas 737

I look forward to seeing everyone at YSSY :)

12 hours and 15 minutes to go! Excited for the event!

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I need to withdraw from this event, just remembered I have my GAF training at the same time as this event. I’m very sorry and hope to attend the next one!

En route to YSSY currently from NZWN

Where will you be flying in from?

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I’ll join, sorry for the late notice, but I’ll be flying from Alice Springs, call sign QF 791


Dam, internet in the whole area just died, no wifi. Ahhhh, sorry but can do this Flight, if the internet comes back I’ll do a shorter flight


Just under 2 hours until the event!
Here are some last minute departure airports for those that haven’t left yet

Thank you to everyone who came along to the event
Feel free to share any photos below :)

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Yikes Josh - I feel for those passengers! Might need to make a quick stop at A&E for them after that haha! Link for his landing is below:
Josh’s “Landing”

Here’s some other snaps I got!


Wow! Was it windy or something, I’ve only ever seen Josh butter the the bread not mash the potatoes 🤣. I don’t mind though, I think he has seen my bad landings before

No offence @Josh 😅


Wind was 310@20G30kts so was pretty breezy - made the bread a little harder to butter!

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You really had to record it didn’t you

Crosswinds were going from 30-50 knots in a matter of seconds it was really hard to control

It was looking good until my wheels touched the ground. Then I knew I was stuffed immediately after lol


I noticed that on my final I could not keep my airspeed landed safely but the wind was gusting every 2 seconds at one stage it was crazy then slowed just 10ft off the ground then back up again

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