[Finished] Qantas Landing of the Rising Sun Vol.3 - Kai Tak Landing Competition! @ VHHH - 120100ZJAN19


I have got you in GA business 08 @BLee see you there.


@sam2875 you have GA Business 09
@Elliott you have GA Business 10 (it is 9am Hong Kong time)

See you there :)


I’ll take a gate please.


Sure @A_Plane_Guy - you’re down for GA Business 11


Ok thanks a lot


@QantasVirtual soz can’t attend really sorry


Count me in


Sure @KyleDepra - you have GA Business 10


Can I please have a gate?


Sure @corveenleem - you have GA Business 12


What time is your event scheduled to start Aussie time


12:00pm AEDT, 11:00am AEST @Recxx


Send me a gate please. I’ll be there lol


Anyone else interested in doing ATC for the event…preferably twr/grd for VHXX but also for VHHH …l plan to handle approach…if so need to pm me to coordinate some practice before Sat/Sun if possible !


I’ll be there! Can I please obtain GA 14?


Sorry, I won’t be able to make it to the event tomorrow.


Isn’t it meant to be 0100Z in the title?


Sure - I’ve put you down @max7777 @Loadhaul


1 Hour until the Event!


I would like to join last minute if possible!