[Finished] Qantas Landing of the Rising Sun Vol.3 - Kai Tak Landing Competition! @ VHHH - 120100ZJAN19


image Landing of the Rising Sun

In our latest series, Landing of the Rising Sun, Qantas Virtual will take you around Asia. Throughout the month of January, we will host a number of events in and around Asia.

In our fourth instalment in this series, we will be doing a flight around the Hong Kong area before conducting a landing competition at Kai Tak in the TBM.

Will you be embarking with us on this Asianic adventure?

image Flight Information

Server: Training Server

Departure Airport: Hong Kong International Airport [VHHH]

Arrival Airport: Kai Tak Airport [VHXX]

Time: Saturday, January 12, 2019 1:00 AM
(01:00 ZULU)

Aircraft: TBM-930
Livery: Any Livery

image NOTAM:

  • Join us as we conduct a flight around Hong Kong and a landing competition at Kai Tak.

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for post-event photos!

  • Qantas Virtual Pilots can log this flight under QFA5930

image Flightplan:

VHHH RW25L VH717 D155Z HAZEL MC501 MC614 SIERA ZUH SZ113 SZ112 D106O VH521 VH533 R288 VHXX

Flight plan subject to change

Landing Competition

On landing, you will be judged on the criteria below. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Criteria Sheet

Technique Points
Approach Accuracy 10 points
Technique 10 points
Smoothness 10 points
Total Score 30 points
Judge @Josh

image Gates

Gate Pilot
GA Business 01 @Josh
GA Business 02 @Jetstar582
GA Business 03 @QantasAviator
GA Business 04 @Matthew
GA Business 05 @zooroo_fpv
GA Business 06 @Chris_Hosford
GA Business 07 @Rishon_R
GA Business 08 @BLee
GA Business 09 @max7777
GA Business 10 @KyleDepra
GA Business 11 @A_Plane_Guy
GA Business 12 @corveenleem
GA Business 13 @alphabravo6
GA Business 14 @Loadhaul
Cargo 1R @GlobalFlyer1
Cargo 1L
Cargo 2R
Cargo 2L

More gates available if needed
PM us if you would like an ATC position

This event is hosted by Qantas Virtual Group
Become part of the Qantas Virtual adventure here

Qantas Virtual Group | Spirit of Australia

I’ll have a go at the landing competition


If you need any atc I’m happy to help


No problem @Jetstar582 - you’ve got GA Business 02


I’ll happily come along.


You’re down for GA Business 03 @QantasAviator - see you there!


Looks cool will go


Sure @Matthew you’ve got GA Business 04


Down for a take, count me in!


Wait think Qantas doesn’t have any TBM-930 equipment so why don’t we do the competition in C-208 or Boeing 717?


It’s part of our Qantas Virtual Flying Club Fleet @zooroo_fpv

Putting you down for GA Business 05


How to join the club?


It’s a subsidiary of Qantas Virtual so you automatically join when you become a pilot for us.
More information can be found by typing ?qfc into our discord channel.

Regards, Josh.


Hi i would like a gate. See you there!


Sure @Rishon_R - you have GA Business 07


Could I please have a gate, hopefully I will be able to make it!


I want a gate please


Is it 1:00AM GMT or Hong Kong time?


All our events at Qantas Virtual are in Zulu time


Can i have a gate? Speedbird 58