[Finished] Qantas Landing of the Rising Sun Vol.2 - Fly-Out! @ RJAA - 050400JAN19

image Landing of the Rising Sun

In our latest series, Landing of the Rising Sun, Qantas Virtual will take you around Asia. Throughout the month of January, we will host a number of events in and around Asia.
Will you be embarking with us on this Asianic adventure?

image Flight Information

Server: Training Server

Airport: Tokyo Narita International Airport RJAA

Time: Saturday, January 5, 2019 4:00 AM
(04:00 ZULU)

Aircraft: Airbus A320
Livery: Jetstar Livery

image NOTAM:

  • Join us as we conduct a fly out event from Tokyo Narita to destinations of Jetstar Japan for our second instalment of our Landing of the Rising Sun series.

  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for post-event photos!

  • Qantas Virtual Pilots can log this flight under the respective flight numbers

image Destinations

Below are some recommended destinations.

Destination Flight Number Flight Time
RJBB JJP203 1h 35min
RJCC JJP101 1h 45min
RJFF JJP501 2h 20min
ZSPD JJP35 3h 40min
RCTP JJP11 4h 15min
RPLL JJP41 5h 15min
VHHH JJP23 5h 30min

image Gates

When requesting a gate, please state what destination you will be going to.

Gate Pilot Destination
Gate 101 @Chris_Hoss VHHH
Gate 102 @will_Reid VHHH
Gate 103 @anon31652286 RPLL
Gate 104 @CaptainMcHerald RPLL
Gate 105 @Jetstar582 VHHH
Gate 152 @Alaska170 RJBB
Gate 153
Gate 154
Gate 155
Gate 161
Gate 162
Gate 163
Gate 164

More gates available if needed
PM us if you would like an ATC position

This event is hosted by Qantas Virtual Group
Become part of the Qantas Virtual adventure here


Can I please have a gate?

Yes you may

What route would you like to do

Could I please do VHHH-RCTP?

The event is that we are departing from RJAA to one of the destinations above. So we’re would you like to go


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I’ll take a gate and fly to RPLL please

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Sure @anon31652286!

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There is still plenty of time to grab a gate for the event this weekend!

Yo, this event seems cool. May I have a choice to fly over to RPLL (Manila Ninoy)?

Yes you my scroll up and you will find your gate

Can I have a gate?



Thank @Jetstar582

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May I gat a gate
Departure: RJAA
Arrival: VHHH

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I’ll take the RJBB please.

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Of course @Jetstar582 @WILLYBABA @Alaska170! See your gates below

The Event is today in less than 8 hours!

Make sure to reserve your gate or you’ll miss out!


Ok so the QVG event is now on

Thanks to everyone that came :)

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Still got 2 hours left to Manila :)

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