[Finished] Qantas Landing of the Rising Sun Vol.1 @ YBCS - 290100DEC18

Can I have gate please :)

Sure @Jetstar582!

Could I please have stand 23 domestic?

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Sure @B737lover

I’ll take East Hangar Center as a white Boeing 767-300BCF callsign QVC1410 Heavy. Will be transporting LD3s full of Kangaroos and Wombats.

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Can I have stand 10A?

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You have East Hangar Center

You have gate 10A

Final Chance To Grab A Gate!

Departing in around 30 mins!

Hi guys, atc here. Just to let you all know, since takeoff space may be tight, you all will be backtracking the runway for takeoff

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were all off!

Sorry if that was slow due to backtracking but at least you all will maintain decent spacing in flight. See you all in RJAA!

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Hy. A gate for me ?

Hi there @savavalentin86
Unfortunately the event has finished - keep an eye out for next week’s event!

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