[Finished]Public Alternate Flight today (VAP) @ KIAH - 052200ZOCT19


  • Aircraft and Livery : E170 / United
  • Route : KIAH to MMMY
  • Server : Training
  • Cruise : 34.000 Feet
  • Cruise Speed : M.71
  • Additional Information: Join us on this flight, leaving from of Houston, Texas to Monterrey, Mexico! The flight is around 1h. Must copy flight plan to IFLA members.

Reply if your going to be there! :)

Notice Please follow the instructions of the ATC.

I’ll be your ATC

Hey, could I ask what your ETE is?

Sign me up please

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1 hour or a little more.

Actually, do you want me to give @B6TWUFA a hand with the ATC? He can take Ground/Tower, and I can take Approach.

I will be there!

Wait are the ATC people now that have signed up for IAH?

I’m spawning in, what gates?

Where is everyone? Very inconsiderate to call for a “public” event and then not showing up.

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I know right?

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I was there for 20 minutes and no one showed up.

utterly unprofessional and disrespectful.

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Sorry guys but there was no assistance and it was canceled.

I wonder why. And last minute?

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There was no assistance? Several pilots were there

No assistance? Didn’t you have tower and ground at both airports and multiple pilots?

GND and TWR at the two airports, several pilots in KIAH waiting for more than 15 min and is the flight canceled?

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We were ready to provide excellent ATC services on both ends with real world charts and procedures. I don’t know Rick…

@Gil_S At least give us a good explanation