[FINISHED] President Escort Event With Refueling! @KIAD - 161800ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Route: KIAD - KSFO

Time: Saturday, December 16 - 1800Z, 1PM EST, 10AM PT


Callsigns WILL be assigned

Air Force One VC-25 (one): @ZZBossGaming - Callsign: Air Force 1
Air Force One VC-25 (two): @Daniel14 - Callsign: Air Force 1 Heavy
Air Force B737-700 BBJ: @JackH - Callsign: Air Force 737
KC-10 Tanker: @RichCar_Theif - Callsign: TANKER 1
KC-10 Tanker: @IFP-Aviation - Callsign: TANKER 2
KC-10 Tanker: @Charbel_Sabbagh - Callsign: TANKER 3
KC-10 Tanker: @DiamondGaming4 - Callsign: TANKER 4
KC-10 Tanker: @TheDeltaFlyerr - Callsign: TANKER 5
KC-10 Tanker: @Mickell_Augustine - Callsign: TANKER 6
USAF F-16C: @IFP-Aviation ‘s friend - Callsign: F-16C
USAF F-16C: @BrownGamer14 - Callsign: F-16C Flight of 2
USAF F-16C: @Dommo209 - Callsign: F-16C Flight of 3
USAF F-14: @Aaron_Huynh - Callsign: F-14
USAF F-14:
USAF F-14:
USAF F-22: @Oscar_Santos - Callsign: F-22
USAF F-22: @AryaTheLivingMeme - Callsign: F-22 Flight of 2
USAF F-22: @Cbro4 - Callsign: F-22 Flight of 3


(KC-10) Stand R03: @Mickell_Augustine
(KC-10) Stand R05: @TheDeltaFlyerr
(KC-10) Stand R07: @DiamondGaming4
(KC-10) Stand R09: @Charbel_Sabbagh
(KC-10) Stand R11: @IFP-Aviation
(AF1) Stand R12: @Daniel14
(KC-10) Stand R13: @RichCar_Theif
(AF1) Stand R14: @ZZBossGaming
(F-14) Stand R15:
(AF B737-700 BBJ) Stand R16: @JackH
(F-14) Stand R17:
(F-16C) Stand R18: @Dommo209
(F-14) Stand R19: @Aaron_Huynh
(F-16C) Stand R20: @BrownGamer14
(F-16C) Stand R22: @IFP-Aviation ‘s friend
(F-22) Stand R24: @Cbro4
(F-22) Stand R26: @AryaTheLivingMeme
(F-22) Stand R28: @Oscar_Santos

Gates at KIAD:

Gates at KSFO:


Flight Info/Guidelines

Takeoff Runway: Runway 19C at KIAD (Could be changed due to winds)
Landing Runway: Runway 28L at KSFO (Could be changed due to winds)
Range: 2,124NM
Climbing Speed: 240 KNOTS
Cruising Speed Above FL100: 340 KNOTS
Cruising Speed at FL350/FL410: M 0.86 (Could be changed do flight time)
Cruising Altitude: 35,000ft. and then climb to 41,000ft. when told to
Vertical Speed after departure: 3,000FPM
Vertical Speed during descent: 1,000FPM

Event Hosted By Tailwinds Flying Club!


Who Are We?

We are a group of passionate IF pilots who hold events to fly together and to get to know the community.

Interested in TFC?

“Contact @Daniel14 with your name, grade, and why you want to join.”

Offical TFC VA Thread

Tailwinds Flying Club "Flying Farther, Together." (Still Recruiting!) (New Aircraft in Fleet!)


This will be so much fun!


I’ll take ground and tower at KIAD

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Roger that sir!!!

I’ll take a gate please for the boeng 737-700bbj

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Also, we’re not accepting applications from the link you have because of the “incident”, @ZZBossGaming.

What link???

Can you give me a new like that we’re using?

Roger that! I’ll put you in!

Thank you very mucho

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We’re only accepting PM’s right now. Just put “Contact @Daniel14 with your name, grade, and why you want to join.”

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Can I have a KC10 gate? callsign-WEAS26

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Roger that but Callsigns are assigned to make it more realistic:)

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Ok, I’ll change my callsign before the flight.

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Remember we aren’t using that link so delete the post so not to confuse people


I know 😂


i want a gate please for KC

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Since I’m ATC, I might pop up in an “enemy” fighter along the way 😂

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The president would never fly to KIAD. Always KADW, joint Andrews AFB. Never ever has a VC25 come in contact with IAD tarmac, just saying :)

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