[FINISHED] Porter Virtual | Porter Escapes (The City That Never Sleeps) @ CYTZ - 212300FEB18


image We are an IFVARB certified VA.

This event is hosted by Porter Virtual.

Date: 21st February, 2018

Time: 2300 ZULU (subject to change)

Place: CYTZ (Toronto Billy Bishop)

Server: Expert

NOTAM: Please come in a Porter Dash-8-Q400! Reserve a gate before it’s taken, so be quick. Also, spawn in 5-10 minutes earlier.


image Website.

image About this event.

This is Porter Virtual’s first ever event, which is part of a series called Porter Escapes. In this edition of Porter Escapes, we will be flying to New York, also known as The City That Never Sleeps.

image Why go to this event?

This event provides an awesome opportunity for everyone to experience a realistic flight, as well as fly in groups and the chance to enjoy Porter’s daily operations to New York. You’ll get to fly the mighty Dash-8-Q400, depart out of Toronto and perhaps fly in a region and aircraft you’ve never been to before. It’ll be fun too!

image What will happen?

We will be using the same flight plan that Porter uses in real life, to make sure things stay as realistic as possible:


Flight number: PD121


The runways we will depart out of and land at will depend on the wind conditions of that day. Follow @MisterButler for instructions and directions (Porter 6969), who will be leading the group flight.

All pilots attending will be expected to be able to maintain a professional attitude as well as fly in a professional manner. Maintain a 4nm separation distance at all times.

image Interested? Come join this event now!

To reserve a gate, just comment on this thread. Since this is at CYTZ, please note that there are only 10 gates available, so be fast! First come, first served.

Gate 1: @Yvan_Tambwe (Porter 7199)
Gate 2: @MisterButler (Porter 6969)
Gate 3:
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10:

image porterairlinesvirtual@gmail.com
image https://www.instagram.com/porterairlinesvirtual


Only a couple days left!

Make sure you sign up for Porter Virtual’s first ever event!

Put me down, I’ll be joining!

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Heck yeah! I’ll put you at gate 1, using your Porter callsign.

Damn, 8 gates remaining!

That means there’s still space for 8 other pilots if there are any who will be interested in coming. Hurry!

Sign me up gate 3 thank u

Roger that @hussein_ali! What would you want your callsign to be? Remember this is at 0700 ZULU time and on the expert server.

Only 3 days left.

8 gates remain and 3 days left until the event starts. What are you guys waiting for? Come and explore one of Porter’s top destinations and the Canadian city centre!

Time change!

We’ve moved our event start time to 2300 ZULU!

The event is tomorrow!

There’s only 24 hours left until the event starts. Grab a gate at CYTZ quick! This is definitely an event you will enjoy and love, as we fly in Porter’s livery and explore some of the VA’s destinations.

Less than 24 hours left.

Come on, let’s get yourself a gate at CYTZ before it’s too late! KEWR is waiting for the Porter invasion too…let’s try and get at least 8 members in!

Event is starting in 15 minutes!

For those going, spawn in about 5-10 minutes.

Event is now over.

It wasn’t the best of events as only one person participated (me lol), but nevertheless thank you all for checking out the thread! It would be a pleasure to host another one soon and hope that more people will come then!

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