[Finished!] Plane & Pilot: Across the Pond In 1 Hour @ CYYR - 091700ZMAY20

Hello pilots!

In 1492, Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic ocean, from Europe to North America, in 36 days. From there, technology improved and the trip got faster and faster until boats could cross in 3 days and commercial aircraft could cross in 4-5 hours. But how long would it take if we crossed in one of the fastest and most technologically-advanced vehicles of our time, the F-22 Raptor? That’s what Plane & Pilot is going to find out next weekend as we team up with the Infinite Flight Global Airforce and attempt to fly across this massive ocean in just over 1 hour without even touching the ground once! Pilots will start from CYYR, a Canadian Airforce Base, and fly as fast as they can to EGQS, a British Royal Airforce Base, slowing to be refueled by several IFGAF-supplied KC-10 tankers along the way in order to keep their short-ranged F-22s in the air. If you enjoy fun and challenging events, make sure to join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Expert

Aircraft: F-22

Starting Airport: CYYR

Ending Airport: EGQS

Flight Time: 1:30

Date / Time: 2020-05-09T17:00:00Z

Flight Plan: Subject to change depending on winds.

CYYR 5418N/5831W HOIST 5900N/5000W 5949N/4822W PORSU OSTED 6340N 6335N 6330N ALDAN 6100N/1234W ATSIX AKIVO 5821N/626W STN INS 5743N/332W EGQS

1. Takeoff and Climb: Before takeoff, make sure that your fuel tanks are completely full. After takeoff, turn on NAV and do not exceed 300kts until you pass FL100, then set your engines to full throttle to achieve the top speed of the F-22. Rate of climb is at your decision.

2. Cruise: Level off at FL350, continue to fly with engines at full throttle. Climb/descend as needed to avoid traffic and winds.

3. Refueling Zone 1: Start speed reduction around 5900N/5000W, flaps may be needed. Enter 5949N/4822W at M .80 at FL280. IFAE-GAF KC-10 pilots will take off from BGBW and fly from 5949N/4822W to PORSU in refueling position. Refuel as efficiently as possible and make sure you have a full tank before detaching. We strongly recommend you review refueling tutorials (such as this one ) before the event. Repeat step 2 after refueling.

4. Refueling Zone 2: Start speed reduction between fixes 6335N and 6330N, flaps my be needed. Enter 6330N at M .80 at FL280. IFAE-GAF KC-10 pilots will take off from BIKF and fly from 6330N to ALDAN in refueling position. Refuel as efficiently as possible and make sure you have a full tank before detaching. Repeat step 2 after refueling.

5. Descent and Landing: Start speed reduction and descent around VOR AKIVO. Do not exceed 300kts below FL100.

Listen to ATC and @PlaneCrazy on the event PM for more instructions

CYYS Gates:
Area 4B Apron 46= @PlaneCrazy (leader)
Area 4B Apron 47= @Captain_Awerty
Area 4B Apron 48= @Sashaz55
Area 4B Apron 49= @Gtmkm98
Area 4B Apron 50= @Omar_Alqinneh
Area 4B Apron 51= @dca.iad.aviation
Area 4B Apron 52= @Bradders777X
Area 4B Apron 53= @li7ing
Area 4B Apron 54= @Nirvair_Chowdhury
Area 4B Apron 55= @Joseph.Barnett
Area 4B Apron 56= @Joe_Baines1501
Area 4B Apron 57= @AlphaKilo
Area 4B Apron 58= @Big_Chungus
Area 4B Apron 59= @United2
Area 4B Apron 60= @Carlos_Moroney1
Area 4B Apron 61= @vexzty
Area 4B Apron 62=
Area 4B Apron 63=
Area 4B Apron 64=
Area 4B Apron 65=

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Tanker Coordination: Infinite Flight Global Airforce

Leader: @PlaneCrazy

Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: Google Maps

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Sashaz55, @Airbus_737, @AIDoLS, @Luke_Sta

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510


Sign me up! It’ll be fun!

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Area 4B Apron 47 is yours, see you there!

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sign me up as a tanker please

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You’ll have to do that on IFGAF’s side. We aren’t managing the tankers.

Oh ok
Thanks for letting me know

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I’ll take this, please!

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You are on the list, enjoy!

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Thank you!

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Sign me up please!! This looks interesting!

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I will sign you up, welcome aboard!

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It looks exciting!
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@dca.iad.aviation @Bradders777X @li7ing You guys are all signed up, thanks for coming!

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Can I sign up please. Thanks

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Sure you can! Area 4B Apron 54 is yours, enjoy!

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Sign me up please

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Sign me up this looks like fun!

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