[Finished!] Plane and Pilot Patterns : Rigorous Approach @ NZQN -311400ZMAR19

Plane and Pilot Patterns!

Welcome to our official Plane and Pilot Pattern Event! This weekend, our controllers will be faced with their toughest session yet! Our team will head to New Zealand and fly at New Zealand’s trickiest airport yet! The mountains around Queens town makes the airport approach unbearably complicated. Pilots will have to overcome this obstacle and have fun with this tricky approach! Come join us as we navigate our way around the mountains! Do you have what it takes to fly this tricky approach?

Event Details

Server: Training Server

Aircraft: A320-200 (Air New Zealand Livery)

Airport: NZQN

Date / Time: 2019-03-31T14:00:00Z2019-03-31T15:00:00Z

Notams: Keep at least 4 nm spacing in between each other. 1 runway will be in use. If you feel you are about to crash, turn or climb.


----- **Pilots / Gates:** _Gate 01A_: @Ryan_Vidad (Leader) _Gate 01_: @PlaneCrazy _Gate 02A_: @Jens_Severin _Gate 02_: @AryaTheLivingMeme _Gate 03_: @Captain_Awerty _Gate 04_: @Ray_Wang _Gate 05_: @FlightFinite _Gate 06_: @Edivan_dcds _Gate 07_: @AviationJack _Gate 08_: @Mattheus **_Reserve Gates (Extra)_ Aircrafts spawning in reserve will fly the 208 Caravan Sounds Air Livery** _GA Gate 01_: @Elliott _GA Gate 02_: @Sashaz55 _GA Gate 03_: @Alex_Coffey _GA Gate 04_: @Kian_Abbasi _GA Gate 05_: @Spencer_Clark

1400-1430: @Kian_Abbasi
1430-1500: @Matt777
Reserve: @anon82246052

ATC: You must be a member of Plane & Pilot ATC in order to control at this event.

Do you want to join!! Heres a little about us and what you experience when you join!

Plane & Pilot ATC is one of the only ATC groups that controls at IFC events! Our team controls at all of our TS1 events in both our Primary and Patterns series. We will also provide ATC to almost any TS1 event, all you have to do is apply for a sponsorship (more info above).
We make sure that each of our members is highly knowledgeable and skilled in different types of operations so that they can help make our events run smoothly, and offer full training in both tower/ground and approach/departure fields so that our members can be fully prepared for IFATC training and tests.

Our ATC team is divided up into ranks to ensure quality ATC and training services. If you are an active member and good controller, you will move up in the ranks! Here are the requirements and privileges of each.

Trainee: This is the rank that you are given when you have passed our written test and joined our team. Trainees are allowed to control at Plane & Pilot Pattern events and can request tower/ground training sessions.

Intermediate: Intermediates have controlled at least 1 pattern event and one training/evaluation session with few errors. They are allowed to control at both Pattern and Primary Events, as well as request both approach/departure and tower/ground training sessions.

Senior: Seniors have controlled tower/ground at several events, and have completed at least one approach/departure training session with few errors. They are allowed to provide tower/ground and approach/departure to all TS1 events. Additionally, they are allowed to give feedback to Trainee and Intermediate ranks.

Specialist: Specialists have pasted both IFATC ground/tower tests and are an IFATC controller. They have the ability to give ground/tower training and evaluation sessions. They can also request radar training sessions from officers.

Officer: Officers have passed IFATC radar tests. They have the ability to give both ground/tower and approach/departure evaluations.

Note: When you tap their name, it will take you to their slack profile!


Dwane Saldanha



IF Aviation


Jeffrey Ruiz [IFATC]




Noah [ATC]

Peter S [COO/Slack Manager]


PlaneCrazy [CEO]

Ray Wang




Velocity23 [ATC]


Declan O’ Regan [IFATC]


IFATC: Are you and IFATC who wants to help train the next generation of Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controllers? Would you like priority to control at some of the busiest events on the Expert sever? Plane & Pilot ATC is the group for you! If you would like to join us, please send a PM to @PlaneCrazy [CEO] or @Ryan_Vidad that includes your username on the IFATC Slack.

TSATC: If you feel confident in your ATC skills and want to provide ATC for TS1 events, make sure to try out for P&P ATC! Requirements include: having over 250 ATC operations, having an ATC tracking thread with good feedback, being 12 years or older, and being able to score 60% or higher on a short written test.

To get started, just fill out this form and we will contact you if you meet the requirements:

Join Plane & Pilot ATC
Google Docs
Join Plane & Pilot ATC
Thanks for being interested in joining Plane & Pilot ATC, a club for experienced training server ATC members that want to control at our events! To join, please fill our this form containing a few questions and a short ATC test to make sure to qualify for this position. If you meet the requirements and pass the test, we will contact you to invite you to the team. If you have any questions, be sure to contact @Ryan_Vidad on IFC

This topic above gives all the information you will need to know how to become one of our elite controller ^

A little about us: Our ATC Division has been up and running for over a year now and our ATC Team strives to provide the best quality service while maintaining a certainty of professionalism. Each member is trained and has passed our basic written test to join. Our members are the key face behind Plane and Pilot sponsored events and has provided excellence in every event! Our ATC Team is guided with our own IFATC Team ensuring each controller is up to their best potential and are assisting with questions or concerns our ATC Team has. Our entire ATC Team has just completed a revamp so if you feel you want to sharpen your atc skills, join us!

Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

Event Credits

Coordinator: @Ryan_Vidad

ATC manager: @Ryan_Vidad

Original Idea: @Cbro4

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad , @Peter_S


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I can take gate 2A, If you need callsign it will be SANDW1CH

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All signed up! Hope to see you there :)

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This looks like an awesome event…can i have gate 3 ? my callsign would be NZISGUD :D

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also it would do me some good …if i could know more about the flightplan ? That way i could be more adjusted to tricky terrains…

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Sure! Ill definitely get a flightplan! Most likely, I will be flying it manually to increase in the hard approach

oh well ok…

let me practice a little in the neaeby region

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Sign me up, as always!

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Sign me up,

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Can you assign me a gate please? Callsign is N841GB

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@Captain_Awerty @Ray_Wang @FlightFinite You have all been signed up! Goodluck navigating with us :)


I would like to join.
Callsign: EMD-NL

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Ill take a gate
Callsign: AV-JAC

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ATC me up!

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@Edivan_dcds @AviationJack @Mattheus you all have filled up the airport! Thanks for signing up! GA Gates are now in use. Limited Spots left!


Ryan, I wanted to do ATC, reserve. :D

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You have to be part of our ATC team to control. Sign up here:

Aren’t I staff though?

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Yes! You still need to take the test in so that we can evaluate your skills and make sure you are fit to control at our events.

Sent you a message on Slack:-)

One question…is 8:30 PM as in GMT or NZ standard time ?

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