Finished - Patrick's Birthday Flight: Ireland @ EIDL

My Birthday Flight in Donegal, Ireland

Hello IFC! During this terrible pandemic, I have unfortunately had two COVID birthdays. Since last time I didn’t get to celebrate, I hope you will join me on a bit of a GA flight around my home county, Donegal in Ireland to celebrate my birthday! This flight will take us over the main tourism hotspots of the underrated county, and will be an excellent opportunity for some scenic views and screenshots! From over the tallest mountain in Donegal, Errigal, to the highest sea cliffs in Europe, Slieve League, this flight will not disappoint, and I hope you will join me on it! The airport which we will be departing and landing at was voted the most scenic airport in the years 2018 and 2019, as seen below:

Donegal Airport voted most scenic in the world for second year running (

Here is a quote from that report:

‘‘Voters pointed to its scenic surroundings and dramatic approach. “The view is spectacular! Mountains on one side and a beautiful rugged coastline dotted with islands and golden sandy beaches running adjacent to the runway,” said one voter, while another said it was the “most beautiful scenery I ever saw, with the beach on one side with crystal clear water and Mount Errigal standing tall on the other side”.’’

Server: Training Server

Airport: EIDL (Carrickfinn/Donegal Airport)

Time: 1900Z

Specific Details:

Please spawn in in any of the GA aircraft, the airport cannot cater to larger aircraft.

The flight shall begin with a takeoff from EIDL. We will continue on runway heading until we reach Glencolumbkille, which will be where we find Sleve League. From there we will turn back north until we reach Errigal. We will continue north until we reach the most northerly point in Ireland, Malin Head or Banba’s Crown. From here we will turn to the west to begin our approach into Carrickfinn airport once again.

Flight Specifics:

Please follow my cruising altitude, speed and heading for the best possible experience.

Gate List:

Gate IFC User Aircraft
GA 01 @Patrick_McCormack Cessna 172
GA 02 @Aviation108 Cessna 172
GA 03 @Errigal Daher TBM9
Hangar 1 @BonaireDude Cessna 208
Gate 1 @Fung_Sum-sum Cessna 208
Gate 2 @MainSky Daher TBM9

I am not responsible for any violations received during this event.



The 14th is my birthday as well! Sign me up in a C172!

No way!!! Sure, what gate would you like and which aircraft?

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Ill take GA 02, in the C172 :)

New Signup: @Aviation108

Thanks for signing up! Can’t wait for the event!

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New Signup: @Errigal

Thanks for joining! See you then!

Any spots left?

Yes. Of course! I can open up a few second spawn gates. Which aircraft do you want to take?

Can I join?

Of course you can! Which aircraft would you like to take?

I’d like a C172, but I’ll go for a C208 this time because I almost never use it.

New Signup: @BonaireDude

Thanks for signing up! Hope you enjoy!

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I would like to get this one. C208

I’ll take a TBM

New Signup: @Fung_Sum-sum

Thanks for signing up! Enjoy the flight!


There is only one spot left in this event. Should the need arise, I will open a ‘second spawn’ gate list, where you will spawn in slightly later once we move off the stand.

I’ll take the TBM

New Signup: @MainSky

Thanks for joining! See you in the skies!

Just a reminder to the following users that the event takes place in under 24 hours. @Aviation108 @MainSky @BonaireDude @Errigal @Fung_Sum-sum


Ok got it 👍