Finished | Partnered with United Virtual | Houston Intercontinental Fly-Out @ KIAH - 062200ZAPR19


How can D9 be too small for the A380? Lufthansa uses D9 even with the A380 IRL… hmm. Thanks for keeping me on D9. I’ll jump down there in the game to take a look for myself.

If the event get’s too crowded, then I’ll be back with another suggestion for switching to which gate then.


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I’ll take gate E18A - Boeing 772 PHNL (Honolulu)


The flight to HNL is a B772, UA252/253!


Post updated!


You’re in! Honored to have the new CEO of United at my event! Thanks!




All regulars can add your name if you’d like to attend! I made it a wiki for y’all.


I will take D8 to Taipei Taoyuan (EVA B787-10). I might not be able to attend since it is 6 AM in my country, and I have to go to school. Maybe I should just leave my phone alone and let it fly to RCTP.


Sure thing! I did put you at D7 though because D8 is labeled as “non-heavy.” And no worries if you can’t make it!


I’ll take E9 to Newark
737-900 or A320


Alright I have you down in an A320 but you can change it to a B739 if you’d like. See you there!


Thanks for over 20 pilots in 1 week!


E11 to SJU please :)


Sure thing! Aircraft?


Boeing 737-900 please :)


See you there!




Requesting a gate bound for WSSS, Singapore 78X, KIAH-EGCC-WSSS, callsign is SVA305


Hoping someone would pick this route! You’re at gate D11. See you there!


see u there!