Finished | Partnered with United Virtual | Houston Intercontinental Fly-Out @ KIAH - 062200ZAPR19


D9 - B747-8i to EDDF | I’d like to have this gate, thanks :)

Also, I was wondering, in case LH changes to the A380 on the day of this event, may I still use D9 then for the A380 or do I have to switch Gate? Currently as mentioned above, LH operates the 747-8i but occasionally uses the A380 or even the A346…

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I’ll put you down for D9 for now, I think it could fit a A380 but I’ll check when I land. But yes you could switch if they use an A380 on the day of the event.


Thanks. If they happen to put in a Airbus A340-600, that would be okay to use as well right?

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Yea that’d be fine with me. I put you at D4 because that is the 747 gate in IAH. Thanks for signing up!

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But LH has been using D9 since they swapped from A380 to B747 :/

I was hoping to use that gate since that would be realistic.

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I’ll take C6 to KMEM 737-700

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I just checked it up and even the A346 and A380 uses D9. I would appreciate to have that gate :)

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Alrigh you’re signed up, but I put you at E8 since you’re not apart of UVA.

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Yea I’ll give it to you, I have to do some flip flopping of gates then, D9 is yours when I change it!


Thanks! See ya there!

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Thank You Very Much. Happy to join and sorry for the hassle. I can be really stubborn sometimes 😅


That’s totally fine no problem😃

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All good! For the international gates at IAH you can only go every other with heavies because they’d tap each others wing tips so I went every other but I’ll reverse it now!


Perfect! Thanks for being flexible!


It will be an A380 by then, no A340 or B748.


Thanks for confirming Matt! @Captain_JR A380 alright then at D9 still?


Yeah, Keep me on D9, thanks.

And Thanks @Matt737 for confirming. I did see that they are using A380 in a couple of days but wasn’t sure when the seasonal switch really happens :)


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Alright @Captain_JR I have you down at D9 but because that is in the A380 the wing span is so wide that I needed to remove the 2 gates beside it. I’ll keep you there but if I run out of international gates I am going to move you to D12 more than likely. Still good?