Finished | Partnered with United Virtual | Houston Intercontinental Fly-Out @ KIAH - 062200ZAPR19


@GlobalFlyer1 see you there!

@Kate_Russell I’m not making any assumptions but Jason did say by the end of Quarter 1. So I am basing this info off what he said. But I do know this could be subject to change. Who knows if we have scenery by then!


I’ll take the 737-700 over to Nashville, C9.

I can’t wait for this! Glad I could help out.


My hometown airport flyout!
I’ll take A10 with service to KATL on the delta A319 please!


@Matt737 thanks for coming!

@Sammy_Droubi gates assigned! Also thanks for coming!


little bump!


C3 to Boston for me please?


Yep! Aircraft you’d like to use?


I’ll take the 739!


You’re signed up! Put you at C4 because C3 was taken. See you there!


I’ll take gate C7 to KLAX, 787-9


Sure thing! Thanks for attending.


Sign up! You’ll regret you didn’t!


Bump for people in different time zones!


Sign up!


I’ll take gate C5 in the A320 to charlotte. UVA-060.


You’re signed up!


Already signed myself up to fly to SEQM. Can’t wait for the fly-out and a mountainous approach!


Sounds good! See you there!


I’ll take E5A in a 739 to KIAD


Thanks for coming! See you there!