{Finished} [Partnered with American Virtual] (56 Attending) Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Flyout @ KDFW - 191800ZOCT19

Thats ok thanks

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The route was actually operated around 3 years ago. In our database, we use the B787 for that flight. Whatever works the best is fine with me.

Ok, sure. Are you OK with using the 789? I’ll have to put you in the international terminal due to size restrictions.

Yeah. Thanks, that would be wonderful.

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New gate available!

Gate D11 to Dubai!

Gate c20 to Atlanta

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Sorry have to dip out of this one hope to come to another one of your events!

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@PacificRunway you’re signed up!

@ThomasThePro no problem :)

Everyone, spawn in now! Pushback is in 17 minutes.

May I have Gate E31 To KSEA please Will A

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Absolutely! Spawn in now :)

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Can I use gate B49?

Absolutely! Spawn in now, we are all departing!


Thanks to all who came out! The event was a huge success. Check out LiveFlight, and enjoy that traffic distribution!

Have a wonderful day all! And if you want to attend another flyout, check out my upcoming one:


Thanks for the fun event.


Another DFW flyout around the corner👀

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Yeah, go check it out :)

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Thanks for this great event @Will_A , and hope to see you all again in the future!


Here are some of my arrival and eventual departure photos.


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