{Finished} [Partnered with American Virtual] (56 Attending) Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Flyout @ KDFW - 191800ZOCT19

Hello everyone!

Over the past few days I’ve been working on getting this event to you. I’ve been looking forward to making one for a while, and am excited to finally present to you an incredibly large flyout, featuring over 150 different flights for you to choose from!


About DFW

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW/KDFW) currently serves the Dallas and Fort Worth areas in the state of Texas. Boasting service to over 250 destinations, DFW airport is the largest hub for American Airlines. Located between two cities, DFW served over 69 million passengers in 2018. With a wide variety of destinations, DFW is a great place to gather the community for a realistic, eventful, and fun flyout!

Airport: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW/KDFW)
Time: 2019-10-19T18:00:00Z (Saturday!)
Server: Expert

  • Please be respectful of other aircraft
  • Follow all expert server procedure
  • Use unicom frequency to communicate aircraft movements
  • Stay aware of your surroundings!

Important Notes

American Airlines ERJ-175 flights have been substituted for the US Airways livery

Flights using the AA ERJ-145 have been substituted for the AA CRJ-200

I tried to avoid repeating flights, but I had to make some exceptions.

Special Liveries!

As some of you may be aware, the American Airlines Boeing 737-800 has multiple special liveries.

In pursuit of realism, these special liveries will be first come, first serve. This means that not everyone will be using special liveries.

If you wish to use one of these liveries, please say so when signing up. The American Airlines old livery is considered as a special livery.

Charts and pre-event planning

One week before the event, I will create PM’s with each terminal of pilots. In the messages, charts will be provided. This will also be where all event communication takes place.

Here are the taxiway and terminal maps to help you when signing up.

Terminal Map


Taxiway Map


Signing Up

When signing up, please leave your gate number, and your aircraft choice (if applicable).

If there is an open spot for a special livery and you would like one, please let me know!


Terminal A (American Airlines)

Please note: There are plenty of other routes that can be flown that I have not included. If you would like to change your route, please let me know. Gate A24 is the only gate capable of holding a heavy aircraft. If the flight to NRT is already taken, please refrain from choosing any of the other long haul flights out of Terminal A.

Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
American Boeing 737-800 KBOS - Boston A08 @alfnat
American Airbus A321 KSFO - San Francisco A09 @ewong05
American Boeing 737-800 KSEA - Seattle A10 @InfiniteFlightAvgeek
American Boeing 737-800 (TWA Livery) KAUS - Austin A11 @M-DE-H
American Boeing 737-800 KAUS - Austin A13 @Hexmont
American Boeing 737-800 KSAT - San Antonio A14 @Chris_S
American Boeing 737-800 KONT - Ontario A15
American Airbus A321 KSAN - San Diego A16 @Dingus
American Boeing 737-800 KBDL - Hartford A17
American Airbus A320 MMMX - Mexico City A18
American Boeing 737-800 KFAT - Fresno A19
American Boeing 737-800 KMCO - Orlando A20 @Gilberto_Felix
American Boeing 737-800 KABQ - Albuquerque A21
American Airbus A321/737-800 KELP - El Paso A22
American Boeing 757-200 KJFK - New York A23 @Ryan0479
American Boeing 777-200ER RJAA - Tokyo Narita (Only gate in Terminal A that fits the 772.) A24 @Southern_Aviator
American Boeing 737-800 KORD - Chicago A25 @Esaacc999
American Boeing 737-800 KOMA - Omaha A28
American Boeing 737-800 CYYZ - Toronto A29
American Boeing 737-800 KMEM - Memphis A33 @Keelan3722
American Boeing 737-800 KBWI - Baltimore A34
American Airbus A321 KMIA - Miami A35 @FLY_BOII31
American Boeing 737-800 KBNA - Nashville A36
American Boeing 757-200 PANC - Anchorage A37
American Boeing 737-800/Airbus A321 KLGA - New York A38 @VerifiedNub
American Boeing 737-800 KJAX - Jacksonville A39

Terminal B (American Airlines Regional Flights)

Please Note! The American Airlines ERJ-175 livery does not exist. I tried to avoid using these flights, but if you choose to do one, please use the US Airways livery! Flights operated by the ERJ145 have been changed to the CRJ200.

*I understand that some of these routes are operated by Enjoy, Mesa, Republic, ETC. I have used American to avoid confusion.

Airline* Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
American CRJ-900 KCOU - Columbia B01
American CRJ-900 KMTJ - Montrose B02
American CRJ-900 KECP - Panama City (Florida) B03
American CRJ-900 KICT - Wichita B04
American CRJ-900 KTLH - Tallahassee B05
American CRJ-700 KHOU - Houston B06 @anon46114754
American CRJ-700 KMLU - Monroe B07
American CRJ-900 KBHM - Birmingham B08
American CRJ-900 KSHV - Shreveport B09
American CRJ-900 KJAN - Jackson B10
American CRJ-700 KTYS - Knoxville B11
American CRJ-900 KSDF - Louisville B12
American CRJ-900 KMCI - Kansas City B13
American CRJ-900 KAMA - Amarillo B14
American CRJ-900 KPHX - Phoenix B15
American CRJ-900 KMFE - McAllen B16
American CRJ-700 KCOU - Columbia B17
American CRJ-700 KORD - Chicago B18
American CRJ-900 KELP - El Paso B19
American CRJ-900 KSTL - St. Louis B20
American CRJ-900 KGSO - Greensboro B21
American CRJ-900 KLBB - Lubbock B22
American CRJ-900 KBIS - Bismarck B24
American CRJ-900 KABQ - Albuquerque B25
American CRJ-900 KVPS - Destin Fort Walton Beach B26
American CRJ-900 KHSV - Huntsville B27
American CRJ-900 KOKC - Oklahoma City B28
US Air ERJ-175 KTUL - Tulsa B29
American CRJ-900 KMCI - Kansas City B30
American CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KLRD - Laredo B31
American CRJ-200 (Sub E145) MMDO - Durango B32
American CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KSGF - Springfield B33
American CRJ-900 KMAF - Midland B34
American CRJ-900 KFSD - Sioux Falls B35
American CRJ-900 KRAP - Rapid City B36
American CRJ-700 KDSM - Des Moines B37
US Airways ERJ-175 KBTR - Baton Rouge B38
American CRJ-700 KGJT - Grand Junction B39
American CRJ-700 KYUM - Yuma B40
American CRJ-700 KROW - Roswell B41
American CRJ-900 KLFT - Lafayette B42
American CRJ-200 KLIT - Little Rock B43 @Hogwyld
US Airways ERJ-175 KSGF - Springfield B44
American CRJ-900 KCHA - Chattanooga B45
US Airways ERJ-175 KEVV - Evansville B46
American CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KSPI - Springfield (A different one!) B47
American CRJ-200 (Sub E145) KCMI - Champaign B48
US Airways ERJ-175 KEYW - Key West B49

Terminal C (American Airlines)
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
American Airbus A321 KCLT - Charlotte C02 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
American Airbus A321 KLAX - Los Angeles C04 @Tsumia
American Boeing 757-200 KPHL - Philadelphia C06 @TY_PLAY
American Boeing 737-800 KRIC - Richmond C07 @Menthesuphisth
American Boeing 737-800 (Astrojet Livery) KDEN - Denver C08 @Will_A
American Boeing 737-800 KRDU - Raleigh Durham C10 @Austin_Schilling
American Boeing 737-800 KSNA - Orange County C11
American Boeing 737-800 KIND - Indianapolis C12
American Boeing 737-800 KIAD - Washington Dulles C14 @haitianpilot44
American Boeing 737-800 KLAS - Las Vegas C15
American Boeing 737-800 KMSY - New Orleans C16 @TheDeltaFlyerr
American Airbus A321 KMSY - New Orleans C17 @KennedyTurner
American Airbus A320 KCMH - Columbus C19
American Airbus A321 KATL - Atlanta C20 @PacificRunway
American Boeing 737-800 KPIT - Pittsburgh C21
American Boeing 737-800 KMSP - Minneapolis C22
American Boeing 737-800 KCLE - Cleveland C24
American Boeing 737-800 KPDX - Portland C26
American Boeing 737-800 KORF - Norfolk C27
American Boeing 737-800 KCOS - Colorado Springs C28
American Airbus A321 KPHX - Phoenix C29
American Airbus A321 KFLL - Fort Lauderdale C30 @Plane_Masta
American Airbus A321 KTPA - Tampa C31
American Boeing 737-800 KEWR - Newark C33
American Boeing 737-800 KSMF - Sacramento C35
American Boeing 737-800 KSJC - San Jose C36 @BigBert10
American Boeing 737-800 KSJC - San Jose C37 @GlobalFlyer1
American Airbus A321 MMUN - Cancun C39

Terminal D (International Flights)
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Volaris Airbus A319 MMGL - Guadalajara D06 @Enrique_Fernandez
JAL Boeing 787-9 RJAA - Tokyo Narita D08 @tinytinnytin
British Airways Boeing 777-200ER EGLL - London D10 @Captain_Sid
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER OMDB - Dubai D11A
Lufthansa Airbus A330 EDDF - Frankfurt D14A @Cpt_Steph
Qantas Airbus A380 YSSY - Sydney D16X @Kyle107
American Boeing 787-9 YSSY - Sydney via KLAX - Los Angeles D17A @Juansilva79
American Boeing 737-800 PANC - Anchorage D18A @CollinFlys
American Boeing 787-9 ZSPD - Shanghai Pudong D20 @Mateomaxt
American Boeing 787-9 EIDW - Dublin D23 @robert_xing
Qatar Boeing 787-8 (Sub for A350) OTTH - Doha D25 @Liam13
American Boeing 777-200ER EHAM - Amsterdam D27A @Adam_Goodman
Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER RKSI - Seoul D29A @Ajith_Anand
American Boeing 787-8 ZBAA - Bejing D30 @United2
Avianva Airbus A320 MSLP - El Salvador D33 @Altaria55
American Boeing 777-300ER VHHH - Hong Kong D36 @Anokhinalex
Avianca Airbus A320 MSLP - El Salvador Standby @TheJ3estPenguin

Terminal E (Various Airlines)
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Spirit Airbus A321 KORD - Chicago E02
Spirit Airbus A321 KLGA - New York E04 @IF_Vamp
Spirit Airbus A321 KFLL - Fort Lauderdale E05
Spirit Airbus A320 KTPA - Tampa E06
Spirit Airbus A321 MMUN - Cancun E07 @APH71
Spirit Airbus A320 KLAX - Los Angeles E08 @Rodrigo_Villalobos
Spirit Airbus A321 KMSP - Minneapolis E09
Spirit Airbus A320 KBWI - Baltimore E10
United Airbus A320 KORD - Chicago E11
United Airbus A320 KEWR - Newark E12
United Boeing 737-800 KDEN - Denver E13
United Boeing 737-900 KSFO - San Francisco E14
Delta Airbus A319 (Sub A220) KSLC - Salt Lake City E15 @Doonies
Delta CRJ-900 KMSP - Minneapolis E16 @Aceorbit
Delta Airbus A320 KLAX - Los Angeles E17 @Guxk
Delta Airbus A319 (Sub A220) KLGA - New York E18 @Dylan_M
Delta Airbus A319 (Sub A220) KDTW - Detroit E19 @PlaneLover
Delta CRJ-900 KJFK - New York E20 @Delta319
Delta CRJ-900 KCVG - Cincinnati E21 @Alex_Kyte
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KSJT - San Angelo E22
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KGPT - Gulfport E23
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KMOB - Mobile E24
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KTYR - Tyler (Only two gates, 100 mile flight!) E25
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KBPT - Beaumont E26
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KLFT - Lafayette E27
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KLCH - Lake Charles E28
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KTXK - Texarkana E29
American CRJ-200 (Sub E135) KCRP - Corpus Christi E30 @CaptainHugh
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 KSEA - Seattle E31 @Infinite_Pro
JetBlue Airbus A320 KBOS - Boston E32 @majhz
Delta Airbus A321 KATL - Atlanta E33 @KIND9624
Air Canada ERJ-175 CYYZ - Toronto E34
Air Canada ERJ-175 CYUL - Montreal E35
Frontier Airbus A320 KDEN - Denver E36
Frontier Airbus A320 KPHL - Philadelphia E37 @anon42527263
American CRJ-700 KASE - Aspen E38

I didn’t just do this from memory! Here are some of the sources I used:

Event Partner

Welcome to American Virtual, where we toil to maintain the perfect balance between a professional and friendly environment. In our ranks, there are real world student pilots, commercial pilots and everything in between. Our slack is also laden with IFATC members, IFAE pilots and IFVARB members thus making it the optimal learning experience. We inculcate integrity, discipline and knowledge into our pilots, as we honor our slogan- Going For Great. We offer one of the most comprehensive route databases in the virtual airline community. That, coupled with our diverse fleet of 13 aircrafts and a manifold of liveries, will provide endless entertainment and fun! Apply here!

Thanks so much for checking out my event! I hope to see some of the community at DFW on October 19th!

Have an amazing rest of your day/evening.


May I have this gate please?

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D11A is all yours. Have fun in Dubai :)

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And amazing event thread!

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Can I have this gate please?

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MSP gate with DL please ofc

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@Aceorbit and @Dylan_M you have been signed up. Thanks!

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May I have a gate please?

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I’ll take KDFW - KRIC. It isn’t on the list, but they use a 737-800 for this route to Richmond. (Gate C31) is the real gate that they use for this route. But it varies.

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Qantas departs from D16X.

American’s flight to Dublin departs from Terminal A,
however you can keep that and switch American’s flight to the 787-8.

American’s 772 to RJAA departs from Terminal D.

Sounds great. I’ll put that in right now. Would you like a special livery?

No thanks.

Can I get C16 to MSY please

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Can I have D27A please

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Interesting… I did plenty of research on the 772 flight to Narita and gate A24 was shown.

I’ll work on changing the Qantas flight.

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There is an AE flight to KGJT with the E175 but since that isnt in game can i use the CRJ9?

Yes! Gate B39 is to KGJT on the CRJ-700 :). Luckily, that is a real world flight. According to FR24, the CRJ7 is used on one of the three flights today!
I’ll sign you up.

@Niccckk, @TheDeltaFlyerr, and @Adam_Goodman you have been signed up!

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Can you add IAC?

Yes I can… could you give me the ICAO code for that