[Finished] Paris of the Middle East Fly out @ OLBA - 060130ZAPR20 [Finished]

Not a problem, See you at the event! :)

Remember guys, There is only 18 gates left.

This is on training?

Yep it is.

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Only 1 more day left for the event guys! :)

Can I have any gate for the A321 MEA to Frankfurt? :)

Sure, See you then. I have put you in for gate 11

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4 hours until the event!

16 Gate left everyone, Only 3 and a half more hours until the event! :)

15 Gates left guys. :)

20 Minutes until spawn Everyone | 15 Gates Left!

                        It's Time to join guys!

Please spawn in at your confirmed gates and Have a spectacular event!

@Yes @JoeHaddad @Frank_DeBenedetti1 @SahyaQFFlyer @CheetahGaming_YT


Ok ive just spawned it, I’m ready to fly

Pushback is at 01:28 Zulu

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Ok so 8 Minutes? That would be 11:28am for me perfect, before recess ends

Yes, I think we might have to wait for some people.

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Aha ok I see

Alright Just waiting for 2 more people. If they do not join in 3 minutes well pushback

@Yes @JoeHaddad Were you guys still comming?

Are we ready to push back?