[Finished] Paris of the Middle East Fly out @ OLBA - 060130ZAPR20 [Finished]

Hello Everyone. This is my very first flyout event, This will be a flyout event departing OLBA - Beirut Rafic Hariri Int’l Airport. Here is some more Information about the selected airport Bellow:

Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is located 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from the city center in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, and is the only operational commercial airport in the country. It is the hub for Lebanon’s national carrier, Middle East Airlines (more commonly known as MEA ). It is also the hub for the Lebanese charter carrier Wings of Lebanon, and was the hub for the Lebanese cargo carrier TMA cargo before its collapse.

Date and time: 2020-04-06T01:30:00Z

Airport: OLBA - Beyrouth Rafic Hairir Int’l Airport

Server: Training Server

Current Attendees: 6

Terminal 1 Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft destination Pilot
Gate 01 S7 A319 UUDD @SahyaQFFlyer
Gate 02
Gate 03
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 07
Gate 08
Gate 09 AirFrance Boeing 767 LFPG @Frank_DeBenedetti1
Gate 10
Gate 11 MEA A321 EDDF @JoeHaddad
Gate 12 MEA A321 EDDF @Hussein_Zreik
Gate 13 Lufthansa A320 EDDF @Yes
Gate 14
Gate 15
Gate 16 MEA A320 OJAI @CheetahGaming_YT
Gate 17
Gate 18
Gate 19
Gate 20
Gate 21
Gate 23

Thank You very much for those who took their time to read my event. Date change is likely to happen if a majority vote in support for it. ATC is likely to be active, so please follow all ATC instructions for a enjoyable event. Remember to spawn 5-10 minutes prior to event start. Thank you.


Are you still updating this event? I noticed there aren’t any routes on the gate so I was guessing you are working on it.

@CheetahGaming_YT No that’s for the pilots to select their route, aircraft and destination. :)

Im down ! Just lmk if the date will change

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No worries. Date change is very unlikely to happen. Which gate, Aircraft, Airline and Route would you like to take select?

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Can i have Gate 1 to UUDD with an S7 A319

Ofcourse See you then!

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Ok thank you

I would’ve come, but it’s too late for my timezone.

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That’s a shame, I’ll be sure to host flyouts within different timezones in the future hopefully.

Are there any aircraft that can’t operate here?

No, Beirut Airport can handle anything up to an A380.

I’ll take Gate 16 to OJAI in MEA A320

Did you mean the A321?

Yeah, I said A320 for the A320 Family but which ever plane has the MEA livery

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Count me in. I’m doing a real flight, Lufthansa operates a flight from their to the U.S. I will take a A320.

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Sure, Which gate?

I have added you to the flyout, with gate 13.

@Robert_Vargas Would you like to select your route, aircraft and destination?

Sorry, thanks for getting me a gate.