(Finished!) (OVER 110 ATTENDING | PARTNERED WITH Delta Virtual and Virgin Virtual Group) What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas [Las Vegas Fly-out!] @ KLAS - 212100ZSEP19

Thank you!

I’ll take this one then.

Gate A03 please

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B21 please

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Hi I saw earlier on one. Of your post that I can get you to change the gate airline and destination. Is it possible If I can have a gate to KSFO or KSJC?
Cpt Dinglehopper

Wow I just realised i was the first to post and sign up here.

You replied to me, but just so you know @alphabravo6 is the host.

Also welcome to the community! We hope to see you later today here!

A helpful link here :)

@alphabravo6 Could I get Gate C04, but change the destination to KBUF please?

I would like to join! I am just wondering, are there any JetBlue gates?

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@danielsun36 @QFA_12
Check post #251, those gates are already taken. I would recommend you change gates before the OP gets back.


JetBlue only runs out of the E Gates, and they are all taken, so I wouldn’t count on a JetBlue Flight being available, unless you want to start at a different terminal.

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B12 Southwest 738 to MCO please

B23 please

Is there still place for a small charter <3??

I changed flight with BA275, 744 from london to KLAS

I’ll take C08 please

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Can I come? I’ll take any gate!

I’m sorry, what time is the event?

Is it possible if I can take gate B22 to KSFO?

I think it’s 9pm UTC

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Check post #251. C08 is taken, so you should suggest a different gate before the OP gets back.

Here’s the time:

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