[Finished!] Nonstop Virtual & Partners Present: Frankfurt Fly-Out! @ EDDF - 281800ZSEP19

Sign me up for EDDF-EDDM, AVVA-001 :)

@Altaria55 signed up!

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Please sign me up! NSV0730K!

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Hey! Would you like to fly the short or long haul route?

Sign me up swiss international call sign 93

(Swiss 93)

I would you like to fly the short route

Signed up !

Sign me up for EDDF - WSSS please!


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See you there!

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UVAL021, C15, sign me up please!


Hi Nonstop Virtual

last week i contacted our Brand Management and asked for their permission to use the Lufthansa name for your VA. Today, i received an answer that made me carefully optimistic.

Please PM me so we can talk about this in detail.


If this becomes true a big thank you should go the creators of Nonstop Virtual
and also the moderators of this forum as i can tell you that they already had an eye on how you presented your airline and how the mods are leading this forum and they really liked what they saw and how this community is led.

So let us continue talking to each other in an always civilized manner, we are all here because we love aviation and everybody can have its own opinion and shouting to someone just because he thinks different or just because he asks why he got ghosted for no reason gives nobody the right to shout to someone.

Happy landings to all of you.


Signed up!

Hi, someone has reached out to you. Please check your IFC PMs :)

Sign me up please, United Virtual Section

Okie Dokie. What is your callsign? @JuanCrafter_Pro

My callsign is UVAL186

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Signed up! See you there!

Can I have a gate with Singapore Virtual my callsign is SVA232


See you there!

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