[FINISHED!] NonStop Destinations [Vol.3] A Hop back to Frankfurt | @EPWA - 231730ZMAR19

NonStop Destinations Vol.3!

Welcome to NonStop Virtual’s third installment of our awesome event series! We will be taking you all over the world as we continue to hit destinations NonStop! This time, we will be soaring out of Warsaw and landing in the amazing city of Frankfurt. We will be passing some amazing scenery! We are going to fly this route with our amazing A319! Come to join us as we Travel The World !

NonStop Virtual warmly invites you to enjoy and experience “NonStop destinations” which is our main event series devoted to traversing the best destinations and airports across all six continents with our fictional character “Hanz”. NonStop Destinations is certain to convey a lot of fun and happiness while flying with other members. We will be delivering those events on Saturdays usually at 1600Z - 1830Z and we will always be happy to see you fly with us!

Warsaw is the Capital and biggest city in Poland. Warsaw was believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world until World War II. Warsaw is also one of Europe’s most dynamic metropolitan cities as well as being the 4th “Business Friendly” and 32nd in “Most liveable city in the world”.

Basic Information

Server: Expert

Airport: EPWA

Time: 1730Z


Aircraft: Lufthansa A319

Climb Profile
2200ft/min at 240knts until FL100
1800ft/min at 300knts until FL280
1500ft/min at M 0.75 until FL360

Distance: 360 nm


M 0.78 at FL360

Descent Information:

Begin your descent about 20 minutes before landing

-1800 ft/min at M 0.75 until FL280
-1800 ft/min at 300 knts until FL180
-1800 ft/min at 280 knts until FL110
-1800 ft/min at 220 knts until FL050

After reaching FL050, do a regular final approach to the runway

Departing Runway(s): 15

Arriving Runway(s): 25C, 25L *

Flight Time: 1:30

Runways are subject to change


  • You can copy the flight plan from: TBA
  • Please spawn in 15 minutes before departure
  • If no ATC service will be provided, please widely use UNICOM
  • Please remain professional at all times
  • Do not pushback before the event leader pushes back

Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 14 @AviationGaming DLH005
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 15 @Aviation-21 Lufthansa 21
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 16 @OC212 DLH001
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 17 Aaron DLH0802A
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 18 @Ahmad_Hijazi DLH1122A
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 19 @Balloonchaser NSV99999
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 20 @JeromeJ Lufthansa 51
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 21 @Blind DLH0202B
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 22 @Capt.SkyWalker DLH006
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 23 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate IFC Username Callsign
Gate 24

More Gates will be added if needed!

About NonStop Virtual:

NonStop VA is a VA that is very unique that features the Lufthansa Group that includes Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, and AeroLogic. With a fleet 22 planes, we have one of the most extensive fleets in the IFC. We offer the best VA experience with lots of events and action within the VA and you could meet new users and share the infinite sky’s with them,

To learn more about the VA, the staff, the fleet and many other things, you can go visit our website and directly from there, you could submit an application.

Want to join NonStop Virtual? Here’s our thread!


Yay! Finally an event in a Polish city.

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You can assign me a gate. Callsign Lufthansa 21

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Sign me up DLH001 :)

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Sign me up! DLH1122A

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I’ll take a gate please

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We don’t have that in IF. I’ll take a gate please

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https://fpltoif.com/liveries :) also, what callsign would you like?

Same thing with you @Lars added you just need a callsign


D-EV1L is my standard

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Call sign Lufthansa 51

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Blind signing up for the flight. Please assign me a gate! DLH0202B

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DLH006 is signing up

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I’ll take any gate for me please!

Can I get a callsign?

Lufthansa 1347

Event is taking off in 4 days! Make sure to sign up!

Isn’t the event starting today? And is the event starting at 16:30Z or 17:30Z?

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Yep we are starting at 1730z we will assemble a IFC pm for all event communication,

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Sorry guys. I will not make it

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I will happily join this. NSV99999