[Finished] Newark to Berlin! @KEWR - 250530ZMAR20

Hello! I will be doing a group flight to Berlin, Germany out of Newark, New Jersey. This is a real route that United flies out of one of their eight hubs! Join me on this flight!

Boeing 767-300
Boeing 787-9

Server: Expert
Time: 2020-03-25T04:30:00Z
Flight time will be around 8h 15min
Newark will not have active ATC at the time we takeoff

I will have the route. When you spawn in, go to the map and tap on my aircraft, after that, you should see a button that says Copy FPL. Once you have copied my flight plan, you will be all set!

Gate Aircraft Pilot

| Terminal B Gate 55 | Boeing 787-9 | @cptlogue |
| Terminal B Gate 54 | Boeing 787-9 | @reer104 |
| Terminal B Gate 53 | Boeing 787-9 | @TRDubh |
|Terminal B Gate 52 | - | - |

Make sure to signup! Sorry for the late notice

Sounds fun! I’ll take Gate 44 in a United 787-9

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I changed the gates around. You are now at Terminal B Gate 54

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Unable to attend, sorry. Will be doing a long haul of my own because I don’t want to wake up at 5:45 am. Ahah, hope you have fun.

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We’re going to have to use the 767-300 because there is size restriction in effect and I don’t want to risk it.

where’s the size restriction?

They said nothing larger than the 77W

It’s around the same size

Ahh, one of first time I can actually attend a group flight, count me in!

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Alright! What aircraft? 767-300 or the 787-9 Dreamliner?

Dreamliner please

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Last call for any more signups!

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