(finished) Munich A350@EDDM 060300ZAPR20

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Luftansa A350

  • Route:
  • additional info about the route will be posted just before departure

  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:
    Expert server

  • Additional Information:
    Munich is the main airport that Luftansa operates their A350’s out of and is mainly opperated by Luftansa. Please Join

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ill join


Awesome cant wait to see you there

todays flight will start at terminal 2 gate 15A for @Musical_Harmony Terminal 2 gate 16 for @CPT_Colorado

Cruise speed is TBD
cruise altitude is FL320

Coppy flight plan when in sim

Pushback will start at 9:15

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will do im on now any idea how much fuel

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according to Simbrief 63,601 kgs of fuel

ok i just put 64000 kgs of fuel

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i am getting the flight plan entered from simbrief you can coppy it from me

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ok. illl do it now

i copied it and it got most waypoints up to your RIXED waypoint. but ima wait and see when you finish

all finished with waypoints. simbrief had fuel wrong, please now enter 93,006kgs as the winds are not in our favor

ok ill do so now

now you can enter as may passengers as you like or go get some food, because we arent pushing back till 1515Z

well for me thats tomorrow at 11am

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i thought we were pushing back soon

at 9:15GMT

oh oops i meant 0315Z

oh nice lmao thats only in a few minutes. would you like to pushback first and ill follow you till takeoff

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yes and at takeoff please maintain atleast a 5nm separation

also whats our cruising speed below 10000 and whats the speed were gonna be at above. because infinite flight lowers the speed the higher you go in altitude