[Finished] Milwaukee International Fly out B-Day Celebration - @ KMKE


Hosted by: @SWA1997 @Butter_Boi and @zion89 bring you another Underrated Airport KMKE
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Time: 2021-04-21T17:00:00Z

History of KMKE

The airport is named in honor of United States Army General Billy Mitchell, who was raised in Milwaukee and is often regarded as the father of the United States Air Force.[4][5] Along with being the primary airport for Milwaukee, Mitchell International is also used by travelers throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.[6] Since March 1941, the airport’s weather station has been used as the official point for Milwaukee weather observations and records by the National Weather Service, whose area office is located in Sullivan.[7]


Plaque in Concourse E, dedicated by the defunct North Central Airlines.

The original airfield was established in 1920 as Hamilton Airport by local business owner and aviator, Thomas F. Hamilton. Milwaukee County purchased the land on October 19, 1926 and renamed the airport Milwaukee County Airport .[5] The first airport terminal there, the Hirschbuehl Farmhouse, opened in July 1927. That month, Northwest Airlines, Inc., began air service from Milwaukee to Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul. In August 1927, world-renowned aviator Charles Lindbergh visited the Milwaukee airport. Kohler Aviation Corporation began providing passenger service across Lake Michigan on August 31, 1929.

During the late depression years (1938–July 1940), a new two-story passenger terminal building was constructed by the Works Progress Administration. On March 17, 1941 the airport was renamed General Mitchell Field after Milwaukee native and air power advocate Brigadier General William “Billy” Mitchell.[8] On January 4, 1945, Mitchell Field was leased to the War Department for use as a World War II prisoner-of-war camp. Over 3,000 prisoners and 250 enlisted men stayed at the work camp. Escaped German prisoners were often surprised to find a large German American population just beyond the fence.[9]

Credits for History: Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport - Wikipedia

Airport Map


Map Credits: http://www.mitchellairport.com/


Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
C9 Air Canada Express CRJ200 Toronto @Butter_Boi
C10 UnitedExpress CRJ200 Chicago O’Hare KORD @N489DN
C11 UnitedExpress CRJ200 Chicago-O’Hare @JarrettFlies
C12 AirCanadaExpress CRJ900 Toronto @Airborne_Canuck
C15 UnitedExpress E175(you may use the 737-700) Houston(KIAH)
C14 Southwest 737-800 KDCA
C18 Southwest 737-800 KDEN @ORD777flyer
C19 Southwest 737-800 KBNA
C20 Southwest 737-700 KTPA @Liam_McAtee
C21 Southwest 737-700 KPHX @Brody_Swiatek
C22 Southwest 737-800 KBWI @SWA1997
C23 Southwest 737-800 KMCO @DeltaFox
C24 Southwest 737-800 KLAS @tyduz
C25 Southwest 737-800 KSTL @Johhhn
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendee
D36 Frontier A320(Any Animal) KDEN @Luiz_Alexandre_Paiva
D42 Alaska 737-900 KSEA
D43 Delta 737-800 KDTW @bbhusty
D44 Delta A320 KMSP @Luqman_Rashada
D45 Delta CRJ900 KDTW @CPT_Bambi
D46 Delta A320 KATL @Cooper_Marcukaitis
D47 Delta 737-900 KATL @crj_lover1
D48 Delta 757-200 KCLE @Jukker
D51 Alaska 737-900 KSEA @MJP_27
D52 AmericanEagle CRJ900 KDFW @Ironman_Ballets
D53 American A319 KPHX @Abdulgadir_Abdi
D54 AmericanEagle CRJ700 KORD @Aviation2929

Concourse E is Closed
Concourse E can be Overflow
GA Pilots can go to the remote stands that are off of Runway 19R/1L
Just let us know and we will be happy to put u there


Follow directions if ATC is Present
Use Unicom responsibly if NO IFATC is here
Pushback will be starting with the C Concourse followed by the pilot who is with Frontier D36
Runway takeoff will be determined for the winds that day
There will be no PATTERN WORK
I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any VIOLATIONS you Might receive
Lastly; Have Fun and Safe Flying

This is my Birthday Flyout
Come and Celebrate with me

Most of you are in the Flyout already


I just changed the date to my B-Day

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all i see is deja-vu

might join later idk

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I couldn’t make yesterday’s Flyout so I postponed it till my B-Day

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ooooooh ok then

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We Have a whole bunch of D gates available

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Hello @MJP_27 thanks for helping with my event thread tags change


No problem!


My favorite airport!!
I’ll take this gate unless you can add another American Airlines one on this route.


@Brody_Swiatek Welcome aboard


Can I have this gate please?

Glad to be helping out with this by the way!

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@Butter_Boi u r in
Welcome aboard

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Hey Y’all don’t forget about this special event
It is on my B-Day
Come and join this Beautiful airport


Happy birthday


Thank you bud

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Let’s get some more signups for this underrated airport, and for @SWA1997’s birthday!


Let’s get some more. It is @SWA1997 B-day


Awe thanks Guys
I feel liked in this community ❤️😁