(Finished)LOT long haul @KLAX 152330ZDEC18

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    787-8 LOT Polish Airlines

  • Route:

  • FPL: KLAX BASAL DAG MISEN CLARR LAS IFEYE BLIPP WINEN TABLL PICHO PATIO NUBGE KREBS MLD BANNO PIH ROCCA TERRE DBS DLN GTF GGRBI YYN YXE YPA POLLE YYL YEK 080C 070B BOPUT 6900N0-6100W 6900N0-6000W 6900N0-5900W 6900N0-5800W 6900N0-5700W 6900N0-5600W 6900N0-5500W 6900N0-5400W 6900N0-5300W 6900N0-5200W ASMOD 6900N0-5100W 6900N0-5000W 6900N0-4900W 6900N0-4800W 6900N0-4700W 6900N0-4600W 6900N0-4500W 6900N0-4400W 6900N0-4300W 6900N0-4200W 6900N0-4100W 6900N0-4000W 6900N0-3900W 6900N0-3800W 6900N0-3700W 6900N0-3600W 6900N0-3500W 6900N0-3400W 6900N0-3300W 6900N0-3200W 6900N0-3100W 6900N0-3000W 6900N0-2900W 6900N0-2800W 6900N0-2700W 6900N0-2600W 6900N0-2500W 6900N0-2400W 6900N0-2300W 6900N0-2200W 6900N0-2100W 6800N0-1800W 6800N0-1700W 6800N0-1600W 6700N0-1300W 6700N0-1200W 6700N0-1100W 6700N0-1000W 6600N0-700W 6500N0-400W 6400N0-200W ISVIG PEMOV SOBDU MOGLU GETPA IPKAL PENOR MOTAD DOMAG VAPOS KARTI IRLUN GRUDA BIBKA EPWA

  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    Tom Bradley terminal
    Cruise at Fl400 (40,000ft) Mach 0.85
    13hrs of Fuel
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