[Finished] Los Angeles to Auckland | Cptlogue's Nightly Long Haul - Vol. 5 | @ KLAX - 060230ZAPR20

Hello jetsetters, Jeb Brooks-I mean Cpt Logue here with another event! On Tuesday, the IFATC team is controlling pacific islands, and one of the islands, and the largest, will be New Zealand! Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest city and is Air New Zealand’s main hub. Join me (and maybe others) to the City of Sails!
This is recognized as an event because there are gate assignments and this flight is not within three hours at the time of this post.

Server: Expert
Time: 2020-04-07T02:30:00Z
Flight Time: 12hrs 55min
Los Angeles may have active ATC when we depart
Auckland may have active ATC when we arrive

Boeing 787-9

Engines: General Electric GEnx
Length: 63m
Wingspan: 60m
Cruising Speed: 0.85 Mach
Maximum Flight Time: 19hrs 30min

Boeing 777-300ER

Engines: GE90
Length: 73.9m
Wingspan: 64.8m
Crusing Speed: 0.85 Mach
Maximum Flight Time: 19hr 42min

We will be using the Air New Zealand livery

  • KLAX DOCKR EVOSE MKGEE DARRK SUMMR BNANO 3246N/12019W DONKS FICKY HILCO 2500N/12600W 2000N/12900W 1500N/13200W 1000N/13500W 500N/13800W 330N/13854W 000S/14100W 500S/14400W 1000S/14800W 1500S/15200W KRILL 2500S/16100W 3000S/16500W 3400S/17000W EMRAG ORESO TUSLO ADKUM FD23L TOMAS DUNAD AA413 AA409 NZAA

Gate Aircraft Callsign Pilot
TB Terminal Gate 150 - - -
TB Terminal Gate 152 - - -
TB Terminal Gate 153 - - -
TB Terminal Gate 154 - - -
TB Terminal Gate 155 - - -
TB Terminal Gate 156 Boeing 777-300ER NZ1 @Joseph.Barnett
TB Terminal Gate 159 Boeing 787-9 NZ1 @cptlogue

Hey mate I am not doing the flyout but I like the route you chosen I live near there.

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Can I do the 777-300er.

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Still more gates available!

Last call for any more signups!

What will our cruising altitude/speed be?

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I made a PM

Spawn in please

I have spawned in.

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Go ahead and push

Make sure you have enough fuel

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15kts taxi

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Takeoff when i’m 5nm away from you

what should my vs be

2800 (10 characters)

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whoops I meant 0.83

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We can speed up to 0.85

Go 0.86 actually