[FINISHED] Looking for a group of people to do a fighter formation with [ASAP]

Anyone up for a quick formation flight from EDDF-EHAM-EGLL?

I will be using the callsign Air Force 914 Flight of X in the F-22

I am currently spawned in at EDDF and am making a flight plan right now, so please copy and I will get ready to go.


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Hello :) please take a look at this topic:

Sorry @Mell_Ijzerman not an event, simply looking for people to do a formation with

Thats the purpose of #live:events

I cannot post in there so can I please just keep my thread in here for now?

Please read, like and post and u wil be TL2 in no time!


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i am not available sorry but if you need any help PM me

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Probably the sort of thing that’s more suited to the #live:events category. Feel free to make a similar event once you reach TL2 :)