[FINISHED] Lion Air Presents// Indonesia's Toughest Approach @ WAFF - 262240ZMAY18

Hello Everyone

Lion Air VA is happy to be presenting an event to everyone in the Community. We will be departing WAFF a single runway with only 9 gates at this airport served by Lion Air. We will be arriving to WAMM home to one of the hardest and steepest approaches in Indonesia. It is surrounded by mountains which makes descending and turning into final a very difficult challenge for most pilots. So we hope that you will come and try this challenge with us.

Server: Training Server

Aircraft: 737-900 (Lion Livery)

Airport: WAFF

Time:2200Z [?]

Date: May 22, 2018


  • Please spawn in 10 mins prior to Depature

  • Please use callsign given and airplane said to use

  • Follow all ATC instructions

  • Obey all instructions and rules given by Lion

Flight Plan:
Can be copied off of @Trevor_Austin/ Lion 12 or @ouzi/Lion 14

WAFF Gates:
Gate 1: @Trevor_Austin
Gate 2: @ouzi
Gate 3: @Fariz_Rizky
Gate 4: @Helmi_Anugrah
Gate 5: @777lover1
Gate 6: @JulianQ
Gate 7: @George
Gate 8: @DeltaFlyer99
Gate 9: @Galang
Gates are also limited

Lion 12: @Trevor_Austin
Lion 13: @Helmi_Anugrah
Lion 14: @ouzi
Lion 16: @Fariz_Rizky
Lion 18: @777lover1
Lion 20: @JulianQ
Lion 22: @George
Lion 24: @DeltaFlyer99
Lion 26: @Galang
Please Stay afterwards for Pictures
WAFF Ground: @lucaviness
WAFF Tower: @lucaviness

WAMM Ground: Filled
WAMM Tower: Filled
WAMM Approach:

Come and join Lion Air VA

Lion Air Va is an airline based in Indonesia flying many routes around Indonesia like this one. Are pilots are some of the best as they fly many routes that are very difficult like this one with very mountains on approach and short runways. Are staff is amazing too as we are very attentive and are able to answer any question that you may have. So please consider joining today.

(IFC Page)
(Lion Air Website)


@George , @david_hartono_S , @HEYEY , @Galang , @Liam_Kirk and other… would you come to this event? 😉

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Everyone this is going to be a crazy event with all the mountains on approach and short runways.?

I would love too… but my final exam is still going on that day so i cant come…


This is only an hour event and we are open to time change.

I have school during the time of the event, so I won’t be able to come.

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I would be coming, but it’s on a school day so I can’t attend it :( Doesn’t WATE have the toughest approach in Indonesia?
If you decide to change the day to the weekend, can I take up Gate 3 as Lion 16?

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Count me in! I’ll take gate 3

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Got it! Gate 3 and Callsign Lion 16 is all yours. Thanks for Joining!

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We can change the day to the weekend

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Just not on May 26. I have my event going on that day.

Otherwise, I’ll try to join if I can

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Thank you! Pls try to do so :)

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Request gate and callsign lion 13. @Trevor_A

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You got it @Helmi_Anugrah

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Just for Information

in fact, the flight duration from Departure airport to the destination is about 1 hour. When the event takes place later, possibly not until 1 hour. Depend on the condition 😉

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Date Change
Everyone we have moved the event to May 26 at the same time to try and give everyone a chance. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Sign me up at Gate 5 as Lion 18

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You got it. Glad we could get you to join.

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Gate and callsign please 😀

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I would like a gate if thats possible!

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