(Finished) Let's Remind People About LEBL! | @LEBL - 111400ZMAY19

Ok, you are assigned to Terminal 1 Gate 226. Welcome!

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Yes, it is

Ok, so I think it will be 3:00 pm for you ;)

Can i have a gate for a 787-9 air europa to los angles and callsgnis air europa 10

Perfect! You are assigned to gate 212! Wecome and enjoy!

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My home town airport too😍

sorry i forgot to ask what is the date of this event

It’s 11 may at 14:00 zulu

are any of you go to do the klax to mmmx

Yes but let’s not get off topic @Captain_Tank

Well, we still need a Ground ATC

set me up at gate 214 callsign:AirEuropa 468

Which route? LEBL-LEMD??

Could you please tell me the route??

United 1 heavy, to KLAX, gate 217

Ok, I will assign you!!

Still need ground ATC…

I’ll take any gate. I really don’t mind! Dest: EGCC, callsign: Vueling8749

You are assigned to gate 228! Welcome!

Hi, I would like to be ATC ground