(Finished) Let's Remind People About LEBL! | @LEBL - 111400ZMAY19


This event is created to fill out LEBL, because is one of the big number of underrated airports in Infinite Flight. Barcelona-El Prat (LEBL), in 2018 was the 27th airport in the world at passenger number in 2018, and during a year has more international passengers than John F. Kennedy Airport (KJFK) or Narita Airport (RJAA), and in a good day for LEBL in Infinite Flight there were 5 aircraft. So with this event we want to remember people that LEBL is a huge airport where they can fly around the world.

More info about the airport itself: Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport - Wikipedia

source: https://www.lavanguardia.com/r/GODO/LV/p5/WebSite/2018/11/28/Recortada/img_bsagrera_20181128-132224_imagenes_lv_otras_fuentes_arc_avio-kKrC-U453219402393tM-992x558@LaVanguardia-Web.jpg

After that said, WELCOME TO LEBL!

source: Infinite Flight Global - Vueling A320 - Athens to Barcelona - LIVE ATC - YouTube

Event Information

Server: Training, so everyoune can come to fill out LEBL

Airport: LEBL

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: No routes, free choice! Just follow ATC instructions.

More Information


ATC Assignments
As the event is in Training server, ATC is needed. In LEBL there is Approach ATC, Tower and Ground, but not departure, so Approach must act as departure. To be an ATC in this event, please PM @Infinite2674 to receive details about Departure/Landing runways and more things.

-Ground: @Othman_Asli
-Tower: @Sashaz55
-Approach: @Olivier999

Gate Assignments

Before choising a gate, take in care this: LEBL is the HUB for Vueling (Terminal 1) and LEVEL (Terminal 1) (not in IF). Also, LEBL is BASE airport for Air Europa (Terminal 1), EasyJet (Terminal 2), Norwegian (Terminal 2) and Ryanair (Terminal 2).

For gate assignments, you just have to reply saying the gate you want (if you don’t have any preference, we will assign you a gate), the route you will be flying and the callsign. Example: "I want gate 240, the route is LEBL-LEPA and my callsign is Vueling 163.

*This thing means it’s a Heavy Plane gate

Terminal 1
Gate 200*:
Gate 202*:
Gate 204*:
Gate 206*: @Frankfurt05 LEBL-EDDF - Lufthansa 0304
Gate 208*:
Gate 210*: @lew1s_h02 LEBL-RKSI - Asiana 512 Heavy
Gate 212*: @Captain_Tank LEBL-KLAX - Air Europa 10
Gate 214*: @AryaTheLivingMeme Air Europa 468
Gate 217*: @samory167 United 1 Heavy - LEBL-KLAX
Gate 221*: @JIA_345 LEBL-KMIA - AA110
Gate 224: @Infinite2674 LEBL-LEPA - Vueling 2674
Gate 226: @Aviation-21 LEBL-EDDT - Vueling 21
Gate 228: @Logan_Lee LEBL-EGCC - Vueling 8749
Gate 230:
Gate 232:
Gate 234:
Gate 236:
Gate 238:
Gate 240:
Gate 242:
Gate 245*:
Gate 248*:
Gate 250:
Gate 252:
Gate 254:
Gate 256:
Gate 258:
Gate 260:
Gate 262:
Gate 264:
Gate 266:
Gate 268:
Gate 270*:
Gate 273*:
Gate 277*:
Gate 280*:
Gate 282*:
Gate 284*:
Gate 286*:
Gate 290:
Gate 292:
Gate 294:
Gate 296:
Gate 298:

Terminal 2
Gate 123:
Gate 122:
Gate 121*:
Gate 120:
Gate 119:
Gate 118:
Gate 117:
Gate 116: @Elliott LEBL-ENGM - Channex 202
Gate 115*: @Boris_Huang LEBL-KLAX - Nor Shuttle 7109
Gate 114:
Gate 113:
Gate 112:
Gate 111:
Gate 110:
Gate 109*:
Gate 108:
Gate 107:
Gate 106:
Gate 105:
Gate 104:
Gate 103*:
Gate 102:
Gate 101:
Gate 100:

Cargo 157:
Cargo 155:
Cargo 154:
Cargo 152:
Cargo 151:
Cargo 165:
Cargo 164:
Cargo 163:
Cargo 162:
Cargo 161:

If someone just want to spot the event, please PM @Infinite2674 and a special gate will be assigned to you.

Suggested Routes

Although there are no assigned routes, we would like to recommend you some specific routes, for example routes to popular IF airports.

National Routes
LEBL (Barcelona) - LEMD (Madrid) is the most popular route in Spain, operated more than once a day by AirEuropa 787s and AirEuropa A330s.

LEBL (Barcelona) - LEPA (Palma de Mallorca) is a short but popular national route out of LEBL, and LEPA has a lot of German and British destinations.

European Routes
LEBL (Barcelona) - EGKK (London Gatwick) is the most popular european route out of LEBL, operated by Vueling and other airlines.

LEBL (Barcelona) - Funchal (LPMA) is an indiferent route, but we all know the diffuculty of Madeira’s airport, so it’s an interesting challenge.

Non-European Routes
LEBL (Barcelona) - OMAA (Abu Dhabi) is a very recent route operated by Etihad and their Dreamliners (787).

LEBL (Barcelona) - KLAX (Los Angeles) is operated by Norwegian which is growing in long haul low cost routes at LEBL.

Suggested Cargo Routes
LEBL (Barcelona) - VHHH (Hong Kong) is operated by Cargolux in a Boeing 747, and connects LEBL to the biggest airport in terms of cargo directly.

LEBL (Barcelona) - OMDW (Dubai-Al Maktoum) operated by Emirates SkyCargo to the planned biggest airport in the world, more than 10 times bigger than Dubai International Airport.

For more information about the event, please don’t doubt to send a Personal Message to @Infinite2674


I can be approach if at least 10 people attend


Okay, I think there is enough time for people to join. Please PM me for additional ATC information

Can I be tower please

AA110 please from Miami

Yes, I will PM you for more info

OK! Assigned to gate 221 at terminal 1

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Wait it says that @JIA_345 is tower I think you got confused

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Very sorry, I will change that

It’s fine!

We still need the Ground ATC and lots of pilots, but there is still enough time…

I am not sure that I can participate, but if yes Iberia A321 to Madrid

And the callsign and gate?

I could be approach, i have the charts sitting right next to me

I cannot participate, sorry!

Oh, no problem!

Sorry, there is someone who will be Approach ATC (departure). You can be Ground ATC if you want

Ok, what time is it in BST?

BTS is in UK?

Any gate Vueling A320 to EDDT Callsign Vueling 21.