(Finished!) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 191900ZMAY19


Let’s Make LaGuardia Great Again!

About this event: After my good friend irl (@JetBlue536) asked if I would like to help him plan a LaGuardia Airport flyout, obviously I had to say yes! This may come as a shock, perhaps a bummer to some, as I just had a LaGuardia Airport flyout that was largely successful. I’m sure that the majority of y’all wanted to see a different airport featured for one of my events, but that didn’t happen. I hope this event will do as well as my past ones! And thanks to @JetBlue536 for the idea.


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Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: KLGA

Time & Date: 2019-05-19T19:00:00Z

Event NOTAMS: New York-LaGuardia Airport connects to many places around the USA and Canada. However, due to a lack of available gates, I am unable to include every single route. Please understand this. If you would like to fly a route that you don’t see listed, please just ask! Make sure that the destination is used in real life. Spawn at your assigned gate 10-15 minutes before the start to take pictures! You are absolutely to not pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. You are responsible for managing your flight plans & fuel. Fpltoif.com and #tutorials can help you out a lot with this. @Ethan_Hansen and most likely @EthanT2 will be controlling. Follow all instructions given.

Commercial Gates

Terminal A
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination User
AA01 JetBlue A320 KPBI @JetBlue536
AA02 JetBlue A320 KMCO @Lufthansa2
AA03 JetBlue E190 KBOS @joshua_morrissette
AA04 JetBlue A321 KFLL @Aviation_Alex
AA05 JetBlue A320 KBOS @vangeti_nikhil
AA06 JetBlue A321 KPBI @Sashaz55
Terminal B
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination User
A01 Air Canada A320 CYYZ @SimpleWaffles
A02 Air Canada E175 CYUL @Philippe_Gilbert
A03 Air Canada A319 CYYZ @DylanIE
A04 Air Canada E175 CYUL
A05 Southwest 737-700 KMDW @Kevinsoto1502
A06 Southwest 737-700 KMDW @Brad_Hoffman
A07 Southwest 737-800 KDEN @DEN_Airport
B01 Southwest 737-800 KMCI @Captain_Finck
B02 Southwest 737-700 KDAL @Plane-Train-TV
B03 Southwest 737-800 KMSY @Lucas_Piedra
B04 Southwest 737-700 KSTL @Luke_Sta
B05 Southwest 737-800 KHOU @GlobalFlyer1
B06 Southwest 737-800 KHOU @PacificRunway
B07 Southwest 737-700 KPBI @JeromeJ
B08 Southwest 737-800 KTPA @AviationJack
C01 United A320 KORD
C02 United 737-900 KDEN @United_1154
C04 United CRJ-700 KCLE
C05 United CRJ-200 KIAD
C06 United A320 KIAH @zooroo_fpv
C07 American A321 KCLT @Heyitxryan
C08 American CRJ-700 KCAK
C09 American CRJ-700 KCHO
C10 American CRJ-900 KCVG @JIA_345
C11 American A320 MYNN @Flying_Ryan
C12 American A321 KEGE @QFA_12
C14 American 737-800 KDFW @AgusAeromexico
D01 American CRJ-900 KCMH
D02 American A320 KMIA
D03 American 737-800 KATL
D04 American CRJ-900 KROA
D05 American CRJ-700 KRIC
D06 American CRJ-700 KRDU
D07 American CRJ-900 KDTW
D08 American A321 KORD
D09 American CRJ-700 KORF
D10 American A320 KMCO @Suhas_Jatla
Terminal C
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination User
15 Delta A319 KMIA @Callum_King1
16 Delta A321 KATL @SirMarkieMark
17 Delta CRJ-900 KBGR
18 Delta CRJ-700 KBTV
20 Delta CRJ-900 KCHA
21 Delta 737-900 KDTW @Maliq350
22 Delta A319 KMSY
23 Delta CRJ-200 KDCA
26 Frontier A320 KMIA @Sebastian9915
28 Frontier A320 KDEN @InfiniteNick
29 Spirit A320 KFLL @AsUniqueAsPossible
30 Delta CRJ-700 KMHT @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
31 Delta CRJ-700 KPIT
32 Delta A321 KATL @SP-SAI
34 Delta A319 KFLL
35 Delta CRJ-900 KDSM
36 Delta CRJ-900 KRSW @F-4Ace
37 Delta CRJ-700 KCMH
38 Delta E170 KBOS
39 Delta A319 KCVG @Siddhansh
41 Delta CRJ-700 KGRR
42 Delta E170 KDCA @baseball_inferno
43 Delta CRJ-900 KSAV
44 Delta CRJ-700 KGSP
Terminal D
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination User
1 Delta 737-800 KDEN @Cecilie_Sarah_F
2 Delta CRJ-900 KSRQ
4 Delta A319 KMSP @AviationGaming
5 Delta CRJ-700 KIND @Matthew_20204
6 Delta CRJ-900 KCHS @Nathen_Magana
7 Delta A319 KORD @Coop_Avaiton_Lover
8 Delta CRJ-900 KSDF
9 Westjet 737-800 CYYZ
10 Delta A319 KDFW
11 Delta CRJ-900 CYUL
Blast Pads (Delta CRJ’s)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination User
Blast Pad 1 Delta CRJ-900 KMEM
Blast Pad 2 Delta CRJ-700 KBNA
Blast Pad 3 Delta CRJ-200 KBOS @DeltaA319Fan
Blast Pad 4 Delta CRJ-900 KOMA

General Aviation

Transient Ramps
Gate Aircraft Destination User
Transient Ramp 1 TBM-930 Watching Departures @Dylan_M
Transient Ramp 2 C750 Watching Departures @WestJet737767
Transient Ramp 3 C750 KHPN @Doonies
Transient Ramp 4
Transient Ramp 5
Transient Ramp 6
Transient Ramp 7
Transient Ramp 8
Transient Ramp 9
Transient Ramp 10
Transient Ramp 11
Transient Ramp 12
Transient Ramp 13
Transient Ramp 14
Transient Ramp 15
Transient Ramp 16

Important Terminal Note : Please note that gates in Terminal C and D are not lettered in-app . All lettered gates are Terminal B, along with Terminal A at the western end of the airport. Use this photo for reference:

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This event is co-hosted by @JetBlue536

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Terminal C gate 44 can you change gate 44 to KGSP Please

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Alright. Another event at LGA? Sign me up for Southwest Gate B03 to MSY please!

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I should be able to attend but this is my exam week. I’ll let your know if anything changes:D

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What is this feeling of deja vu…🤔

Anyways,I’ll take Gate A01,the Air Canada A320 to Toronto!

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I’ll have B7 to KPBI please

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B4 to STL please! I should be able to make it, I might be on vacation.

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Thank you!

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Why not do this again 😂
D1 please

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Should be able to provide ATC, but if for some reason i’m not, put me down for C34.


I have to sign up for sure!!! I’ll take this gate please!

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I’ll take a Southwest gate to Houston–Hobby with the 738! Thanks :)

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I’ll take gate 5 terminal D

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A03 to Toronto please!

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I could provide departure services or tag TGA with Ethan


Can I have Blast Pad 3, please?

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See y’all there!

Fyi its now May 19


@EthanT2 @Ethan_Hansen let me know if you would like to do ATC! I would love to have you two controll for us again. <3


I’ll take B08 fast
BTW I don’t think PHX is 1500 miles away from LGA
Can this be changed to TPA plz

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Southwest operates to Phoenix seasonally. Anyways ill sign you up!