[Finished] Let’s fly to Los Angeles OMDB - KLAX @ OMDB - 040500ZJAN18

About 16hr…

5am gmt i dont know pacific time

GMT is zulu time???

A 16hr flight??? Really.

Where will you be over 3 hours into the flight

I thinks I’m not sure but you can find it on google sorry.

Yes it is actually. …

Sleeping because I’m not going to sleep until 5am.

So if it is 5pm pacific then its 8pm for me

So you can’t come right?

I think I can make it;)Can I have a gate pls…

Sure which aircraft?

Emarates a380 for me pls

Sure which gate???

Are you able to come???

Now this is too early for me… :(

Any gate is fine for me…

Anybody got any ideas which country you will be over 3 hours into the flight?

I will join part way into the flight if possible

Oh sorry well I have a different event you might be able to come the Frankfurt one.

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Landing too early in the morning on that one…

Will PM you in the morning and you take a look at it.