[Finished] Let’s fly to Los Angeles OMDB - KLAX @ OMDB - 040500ZJAN18

Server: Casual

Region: Dubai

Airport: OMDB-KLAX

Time: 0500Z

NOTAM: Please only come in a Emirates A380 or 777-300ER

Event trailer

Importantplease come 15 to 10 min early thanks.

FPLCopy From me

Flight FL350 Climb speed 250 VS 2000 M0.86

Gate F16
Gate F17
Gate F18
Gate F19
Gate F20 @Aviator_Airbus
Gate F21 @AJH_1994 777-300ER
Gate F22 @callum5124 A380
Gate F23 @Goran12 777-300ER

Note more gates WILL NOT BE ADDED.

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I’ll fly with you, I’ll come in an Emirates 777-300ER, pop me in at F21

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Sure the gate is yours.

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You do know it’s 5am GMT.

Yup, I’m an early riser, I’ll be there 👍

Sure me too I’m doing that recently.

I will come also. A380 at gate22


Sure gate 22 is yours.

It is spelled Casual ;)

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Whoops sorry…

Shall we use PM during the flight?

Yes I am making a chat.

Oh and BTW I tried this in the 777-300er fill your fuel tanks full and Pax and Cargo set to Minimal or 0. The A380 can do this

Un flag your post that’s helpful info.


Oh just noticed i cannot come at that time sorry. Can you do it at 8?

8 what am pm???


Just a bit later sorry

I can’t sorry I have school next day sorry.

Ok how long is the flight?

wait its tomorrow at 5:00PM pacific time?